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ECBASKET PolyGel Nail Kit Gel Nail Extension Professional Poly Gel Kit Gel Nail Enhancement Builder System All-in-One Nail Technician French Kit

ECBASKET PolyGel Nail Kit Gel Nail Extension Professional Poly Gel Kit Gel Nail Enhancement Builder System All-in-One Nail Technician French Kit Item NO: ECG-JYJTZ-01

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  • About the product
  • ★ALL-IN-ONE Polygel Kit : ECBASKET polygel nail kit includes 4*15g polygel, 1*100pcs nail forms, 1*1pcs polygel picker & brush pen, 1*8ML-base coat, 1*8ML-top coat.
  • ★Fashionable Nail Art : 2018 New Arrival & 100% Brand New ECBASKET PolyGel is more flexible than acrylic & stronger than hard UV gel & lighter than both, which is a must have for nail art lovers.
  • ★Multifunctional Nail Tools : These nail tool kit is not only good for doing polygel nails but also good for doing UV gel/acylic nails/other nail extension, so you can make a beautiful nail art design on your finger nails even toe nails.
  • ★Practical Application- This polygel nail kit is great for both professional nail specialist or nail art learner in nail salons or DIY nail art at home, wonderful gift for your wife, girlfriend, mother or sisters.
  • ★Quality Guarantee & Best Service : ECBASKET specialized in creating and selling nails product over 10 years.All the items are under RESTRICTIVE QUALITY CONTROL.We adhere to the customer first
Product Name ECBASKET PolyGel Nail Kit Gel Nail Extension Professional Poly Gel Kit Gel Nail Enhancement Builder System All-in-One Nail Technician French Kit
Weight 0.2800 kg = 0.6173 lb = 9.8767 oz
Category Nail Tools
Creation time 2018-08-30

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Sammie Hall

I give this product 10 nails up!! There is a learning curve, but the nail forms give the perfect amount of curve, are light and there was very little filing to do. If you are doing your own nails, I suggest starting with your right hand (if you are a righty) just so you have more control with your left before the nails are on, and form and set one nail at a time. Takes very little product and does not have near as much fumes as acrylics. I used an LED light and they set very quickly. I only used the light pink as I polish my nails and wasn't ready to tackle a french tip. I will be buying the other colors besides the pink and white.



I have been trying to do my own nails instead of going through the salon. It takes skill and the gel hardens nicely! I used the forms. That is the easiest for me. I watch a lot of YouTube videos. The gel is tough to squueze out of the tubes. Need something that squeezes the tube while your hands are full!


Amazon Customer

I love this poly gel


Nannette Teats

I am not a professional but i love this poly gel it works wonderful and very easy to use,so much easier than acrylic or gel.This kit comes with everything you need. You do not have a lot of sanding to do which makes this awesome to use and does not take as long as acrylic or gel. I recommend this to everyone including beginners, i am so impressed, i will buy this again.


Charlette Noble

Love it!!!! Just wish the tubes of gel where bigger


Danielle Anthony

Definitely takes some trial and error to get the perfect nail but my first set of nails came out awesome and I’ve gotten so many compliments already. This is perfect for beginners and there is so much that comes w/ the kit. 10/10


Kathia & Sharon




How did I not get this sooner?!?! This stuff is just amazing and so easy to use. I've been doing my own acrylics and dip nails for over a year and this is so much easier I can hardly believe it.

I applied my set over tips. My nails took a beating over the holidays so needed a solid base for length. I did the first three nails curing one at a time before doing the last two nails on that hand together. And then I bit the bullet and prepped all 5 nails for my right hand all at once.

The product is super easy to squeeze out and onto either the tool tip or directly onto the dual form. And it stays completely pliable until cured so you could prep all the forms at once before applying them. The kit doesn't include slip so I used some acetone with the brush to spread and smooth out with no issues. After curing the forms popprd right off, leaving a super smooth nearly perfect surface. I used too much on a few and had some side edges to file down but other than that the tip filing was pretty minimal.

I'll be very curious to see how long these last before lifting and how easy it will be to fill in as they grow out, but I'm very encouraged by my first try.

In terms of color, I used the dark pink, which I don't think is really that dark. It looks ok bare but I doubt I would wear any of these without actual polish on top.

Pics are before and after black gel polish.



I'll be updating this review after two weeks of wear, but here is my first impression. They're great! I'd watched some tutorials on youtube for polygel and was able to do it all with ease. Though my nails don't look perfect, that's more user error. I didn't use the duel forms because I have bitten short nails and short nail beds on top of that. So I used tips and just applied directly. However I may try to use a combination of tips and the duel forms next time so I don't have to worry about lumps. But plus is that it files pretty easily and my nails look decent enough that I'm not itching to change them immediately. The real test now is how well they wear, if they break, or if I can do a full two weeks and then fill them!


Amie Ingram

I didn’t realize you needed a UV lamp to set them, but that was my error! Once I did get a lamp, the Polygel was so easy to apply with the nail forms. I was sure I would mess them up. A little more practice and I will get them perfect. Yet another great product from ECBasket. I always love buying their products, I know they will work and be good quality!


Anthony Bryant

I'm still learning how to use this poly gel because I'm so use to acrylic or gel but i love the fact that it does not have an order to it and they shipped it nice in the pack only thing i wished is that the tubes was bigger with more product in it but i would recommend it to people who are not good with acrylic or gel but like i side in still prating with it.


Amanda T

Great product but takes many tries to get technique down. I can hardly paint my own nails, so this was ambitious of me to do. However, I finally got it down and they are lasting as long as professionally done. Only “complaint” is size of tubes. I wasted a lot with all the first couple attempts. Probably ok size if you know what you’re doing right off the bat lol



Great value. It was easier for me to cure with uv light.



I paint my nails often. I really enjoy doing it and have a lot of patience for it. Even still, this did take me a few tries to get the hang of it. Mostly because the thickness was difficult to gauge at first and I wanted it to be fairly natural looking. I do love this product though. Very easy to apply to the nail guides and dries in 30 seconds under a UV light. After popping off the guide, I just wipe the nail with an alcohol swab to remove the stickiness of the product, shape as I want, wipe again and apply the top coat. It lasts longer than just lacquer on my nails. The colors are natural but I like to paint over it with my own polish.



I've tried many polygels, and this one was super easy to work with. Made beautiful nails and easy to file. No problems with lifting or heat spikes. Will definitely be purchasing again.



I really loved this kit. Ive hadn’t it for a few months now. It was really easy to use. The nails are strong and last long. If you don’t know already, you do need a UV lamp for the gel to dry. Will be buying again soon.


Mayra Gonzalez

I love this product works perfect


Judith McIntosh

awesome ,so easy to apply , long lasting , and maintain its high quality shine after weeks of application.



I don't know anything about this it's just that my sister wanted it Christmas and everything that was in the description was there so it's ok in my book


.Pam Cakes

This set is the second polygel set I have purchased and I love it. First of all I already had ECBASKET dual forms that I got months ago and I loved them because they fit perfectly and as someone who has wide thumbs that’s always a problem and I was nervous that the dual forms wouldn’t fit THEY DO! If you are looking for dual forms and have wider thumbs EXBASKET forms fit perfectly they have so many sizes in the set for every thumb size. The poly gel to me is perfect, compared to other affordable polygels I think this is a good consistency, the colors are more transparent but they all cure perfectly. I like that you can use polygel with the forms and also on the natural nail as an overlay if you are just someone that likes the extra protection of a gel or acrylic. This set comes with everything you need but make sure you have some alcohol on hand to use as a slip liquid. For the price I highly recommend!
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