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EJB-01 EJB-06 EJB-08 Nail Stamping plates

EJB-01 EJB-06 EJB-08 Nail Stamping plates Item NO: G-EJ3-03

US$ 5.99
EJB-01 EJB-06 EJB-08 Full set+1pcs stamper+1pcs scraper
  • About the product
  • **Perfect combination With Stamping Plates & Nail Stamper** :This nail stamping kit has 3 stamping Plates and 1 nail stamper (Random Colors)& nail scraper, variety of nail templates, more designs, you can choose any nail plates to make good nail design with stamper what you want!!!
  • **Double-sided Design & NO More Lining Up Issues** :All the nail stamp are Double-sided design, Lesser Spaces, Etched deep enough to hold enough polish for a beautiful opaque stamping nail art result, Sandy Edges, No hurting; White Nail Art Stamper, super easy to hit the desired location on your nails & save polish thanks to accurate stamping;
  • **Video Support & Fast Shipping** :Tutorial vedio link will be emailed for you within 3 days of purchasing your Ejiubas Nail art stamping kit , and we will send out your parcel via FBA, Just need 2-5 days normally;
  • **Lasting & Easy To Use** :Quality guarantee, High Quality Stainless Steel with High Polishing Finish; Durable&Sturdy Enough, NO Bend; you can get creative with y
Product Name EJB-01 EJB-06 EJB-08 Nail Stamping plates
Item NO G-EJ3-03
Weight 0.2100 kg = 0.4630 lb = 7.4075 oz
Category Nail Stamping Plates
Brand Ejiubas
Creation time 2018-08-23


About Ejiubas Nail stamping plates 

- Unique Double-sided design, Less Spece, More Images;
- Special Images designed with Bloggers and Ejiubas Designer team;
- Suitable Size,easy to handle and carry, every plates has a protective blue film;
- Easy To Use - Moderate Depth To Stamp, etched deep enough to hold enough polish.
   Easy to use for both beginners and experienced nail artists;
- Material: High quality Stainless Steel

About Ejiubas Nail stamper 

-Sandy scraper, thin but firm and comfortable for holding, easy to scrape the exceed polish from plates
-Material: soft silicone stamper & plastic handle;
-Note: Don't use 100% acetone and nail polish removers or shark tools to clean this stamper head. Just use a lint roller or tape to remove residual nail polish after each uses

Package Contents:
-3 Pcs Stamping Plates
-1 nail stamper (Random color)
-1 scraper


Victoria M.

I love the variety in this set. I have designs here that I did not previously have, which is always great. What I really love is that the plates are double sided! Very convenient, and a great way to save space. I’ll definitely be purchasing more.



I love these plates for a number of reasons. The first one is that they are two sided. I do not have any other plates that are two sided. You get so much more for your money. You get a great image and it stamps beautifully. The designs are so cute too. I can't imagine buying any other plates from now on considering what a great value these are and how well they work.



My 11 year old absolutely loves it. It’s easy to use, beautiful designs..little hard to cleanup but worth the effort. The soft stamper is magic..hope it lasts long,that’s the only part that needs care rest is all fun. I highly recommend this for girls who love nail art. Can save by not going to nail saloon for few times



I am new to using the stamps for designs on my nails but I do like them! I need to get better nail polish so the stamps come out more clear and defined. I also find it a little difficult to clean the plates but that could just be me and not knowing what I’m doing completely!



It has a small learning curve but was pretty cool and created beautiful designs. I us UV polish and found this only works with regular polish, which is fine because I just added a layer or UV clear to coat to add protection


Allayne Clark

I purchased this Ejiubas stamping plates as I wanted the designs for stamping nail art. Pkg arrived intact, 3 double-sided XL plates that were beautifully etched for stamping art. Clear stamper easy to visualize for stamping pick and transfer to nail / paper. Wished stamper was bigger as I had to use my own bigger stamper for the larger designs.... Priced very well, in my opinion...Beautiful designs ! Some designs are larger.... Easy to use & Easy to clean. I recommend this Ejiubas set to any nail art enthusiasts! I definitely will be purchasing more !


Joie S.

So many beautiful designs I had a hard time deciding which to use first! Crisp images. Easy to use. Easy to clean. Super fast shipping. Will definitely purchase from them again. (Can't wait to try out the rest of the designs!)


Marlem Garcia

love that they are double sided! plates are etched great, stamper picks up images perfectly. I will definitely be purchasing a different set from this company.


Sarah Turner

I love these plates! They are double sided which is super cool! They are pretty large at 8x14 cm. And the images are about 1.5x2 cm. They stamped really well and the stamper worked great! I had no problems with the stamper or the plates. It’s very easy to clean up with 100% acetone. Oh they also came in a sleeve. So a nice place to store them! So happy I have them!!!


Teresa Finchis

Product came nicely packaged, arrived as scheduled, can't wait to try them. Very beautiful plates for full cover or partial application.


Lucinda 2613

Got them really fast and they are super



I bought this set primarily for the plates. But I have to say this clear stamper is now my favorite. Other ones I have to do a light roll to get them to pick up. This one I can stamp straight up/down and it picks up perfect! The plates are very well etched. Lots of variety without taking up a lot of storage since they are double sided. In love with the plaid plate!



I'm a beginner, so it took a few tries for me to get it but the plates and the stamper work like a charm. Love it!


Judith A

Great stamping set! Love the designs and how both sides are engraved (so much easier to store a 2 sided plate than 2 one sided plates), it’s a great space saver. The plates are etched perfectly and I get a perfect pick up every time. The stamper is the perfect firmness and I love how I can see through it, it takes all the guesswork out of design placement. A definite must add to any nail art collection



This was awesome. I used CND polish with this and not stamping polish and it works like a charm. I love how many designs come with it and that the plates are double sided. So cute!



This was my first time using any stamping kit. I LOVE IT! So easy to use and great results I will definitely be doing this from now on!!



Nice etch, great pickup. Plaid worked well.



Received these yesterday. Tried them out for the first time. They were so easy to use and worked wonderfully! There's so many fun patterns I had trouble picking one!


Ashley Krueger

Love love LOVE!!! This makes my life so much easier, I use to have to draw all my art on my nails and friends nails, now it is so easy and quick! Love it!!!



Received these yesterday. Tried them out for the first time. They were so easy to use and worked wonderfully! There's so many fun patterns I had trouble picking one!
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