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EJB-X01 EJB-X02 EJB-X03 Nail Stamper Stamping Plates

EJB-X01 EJB-X02 EJB-X03 Nail Stamper Stamping Plates Item NO: G-EJ2-11

US$ 12.99
EJB-X01 EJB-X02 EJB-X03 Full set+1pcs stamper+1pcs scraper
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  • About the product
  • **Perfect combination With Stamping Plates & Nail Stamper** :This nail stamping kit include 3 stamping plates & 1 clear nail stamper & nail scraper, variety of nail templates, more designs, you can choose any nail plates to make good nail design with stamper what you want!!!
  • **Double-sided Design & NO More Lining Up Issues** :All the nail stamp are Double-sided design, Lesser Spaces, Etched deep enough to hold enough polish for a beautiful opaque stamping nail art result, Sandy Edges, No hurting; Clear Nail Art Stamper, super easy to hit the desired location on your nails & save polish thanks to accurate stamping;
  • **Video Support & Fast Shipping** :Tutorial vedio link will be emailed for you within 3 days of purchasing your Ejiubas Nail art stamping kit , and we will send out your parcel via FBA, Just need 2-5 days normally;
  • **Lasting & Easy To Use** :Quality guarantee, High Quality Stainless Steel with High Polishing Finish; Durable & Sturdy Enough, NO Bend; you can get creative with your f
Product Name EJB-X01 EJB-X02 EJB-X03 Nail Stamper Stamping Plates
Item NO G-EJ2-11
Weight 0.1300 kg = 0.2866 lb = 4.5856 oz
Category Nail Stamping Plates
Tag stamping plates , ejiubas
Brand Ejiubas
Creation time 2018-08-23

Ejiubas Plates set



Very nice designs.Very practical the double face. The plates get the polish very well, all depends of how much practice you do and how much quality the polish has and a good stamper, the the that comes with this plates is not as good as should be because some time falls from the plastic base. But last word, I like it



Easy to use. Kids love it!


Margarita Tvorcuk 13312

Like it. Looks pretty. But i guess i have too small nails for some of the prints. But still cool


lzep nana

Love stamping, these plates offer cute designs, easy pick up with the clear stamper. If you are wanting to try stamping, get these plates. They offer variety and the etching is great.


Allison R.

Maybe user error but could not for the life of me figure out how to use this. I googled, I YouTube But the nail Polish would just not transfer. The Stencils are neat though. So the stars are 4 not 3 because it could be my fault.


Jennifer Mayle

Arrived with speed...packaged perfectly...I was really surprised at how awesome these plates were! I am not a professional by any means. I was able to paint my nail and do a really quick design on my nail. Took a little practice. I do think I will invest in some stamping nail polishes to I can get those perfect Instagram nails...haha and honestly I know I can get the same results with these plate. The stamper is the perfect squishy (CLEAR..& is super important to see and transfer the detail) and the plates are solid and DOUBLE sided...what what! I am buying them all! I will make a video for my next try!!


Patricia C

I received this stamping plates a few days ago and of course I had to play with this images and test the stamper. The stamper picks up perfectly, it is the one in the pictures, I used some stamping polishes from Born Pretty Store and image picked up beautifully, as you can see. The images are well edges easy to pick up, I had no problem with any of the ones that I tested. This has such great variety of images, there is tons of fun to be had. And it is such a great value! You get 3 double edged stamping plate with TONS of images, and on top of that the stamper and scraper.



This set comes with 3 double sided plates, a clear stamper and scraper. I wish the stamper was bigger, but it didn't need any priming and it stamped great. I tested different types of stamping polishes and they all stamped nicely. Some of the images are smaller and may not fit on long nails without double stamping, but it's doable. Definitely worth the price!


Patty 5683

I’ve graded others I have from this company Already. Everyone I have works perfect. In my opinion this is the best stamping plate on the market



these plates are cleanly engraved. They always give a perfect image. I love ejiubas. I do a lot of stamping and they are my favorite brand


Amazon Customer

Love these! Got a lot of mileage out of them for summer


Amazon Customer

Fun to use. Could be a little deeper engraved but over all good results.



I love that there are images on both sides. I have a ton of plates, so it is great that I need less space for these. There are images for bigger and smaller nails too, works perfectly.


Desiree Meiners

These plates pick up
The design perfect!!!


Isabelle Grieve

Amazing! As always this brand has deep well etched designs that make every mani pop!!
With this particular set I love each and every image because I’m an ocean lover!
Each design is well etched and picked up every time no hassle or partial pick up! Grey designs for any age and I highly recommend them I can’t wait wait to use them more!!


S. Guest

Ejubias stamping plates are an underrated brand. They stamp just as well as Mooyou London and ItGirl stamping plates. Plus, the designs are cute, edgy and unique. I didn't even have to use my sticky, marshmallow stamper to pick up the designs. I've been an Ejubias nail art fan for well over 4 years now, and thus far they have not let me down. Can you guys release stamping polish? That would be AMAZING!


Stephanie C.

Amazing stamping plates! For those new to stamping, or those veterans that enjoy extra technique, these plates are perfect. All the designs pick up very easily. There's options on these if you wanted to do reverse stamping, or just different layered looks. Plus plenty of different options for every Ocean or ocean critter fanatic. Even though it's getting to be full now, I can't wait to get bursts of Summer with fun Ocean Nails. I will get pictures of my next Mani using these plates and update my review.



These stamping plates are excellent! They are etched very well and picking up the images is a breeze. They also have a great variety of images. I could probably last all summer using just these plates to stamp with. I attached a few pictures to show just how well they stamp. Ejiubas has earned a customer for life from me!


Teresa Scott

There are 3 wonderfully engraved plates that are loaded with sea life, waves, and beautiful corals. The thing that I love most about these plates is how well they pick up. I didn’t even have to clean the plate first and the pick up was great. The sides are cleaned up so I didn’t have to worry about them being sharp and measure approx 3 1/8 x 5 1/2 in.



Was given a nail stamper as a gift years ago, could never get it to work. Thought I would try this one after reading reviews...it worked! Worked so well that I’m obsessed. So fun to try different designs. I watched a lot of YouTube videos for helpful hints. I found that using scotch tape to remove the left over image is the easiest way to clean the stamper head. Can’t wait to get more plates.
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