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EJB-X07 EJB-X08 NEW Halloween & Christmas Stamping Plates

EJB-X07 EJB-X08 NEW Halloween & Christmas Stamping Plates Item NO: G-EJ2-13

US$ 4.19
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  • About the product
  • Double-Sided,More Designs,Less Space--Collage sides with intricate flowers, leaves,vines and butterflies designs; Individual sides with lacey patterns,flowers, mandalas
  • Perfect Size for Nails, Moderate Depth to Stamp -- Etched deep enough to hold enough polish, not so deep that end up with extra polish to smudge onto your nail.Easy to use for both beginners or nail pro
  • Sandy Edges, NO Hurt When Playing; Sturdy Enough, NO Bend; High Quality, Appealing Price, A great investment for any nail art supplies
  • Blue Protect Film, Original Ejiubas Package Sleeve--Well protected from bend, scratches, and damaged with a blue film; Handy Ejiubas sleeves storage
  • Video Support, 100% Full Refund Guarantee --Tutorial vedio link will be emailed for you within 3 days of purchasing your Ejiubas Plates
Product Name EJB-X07 EJB-X08 NEW Halloween & Christmas Stamping Plates
Item NO G-EJ2-13
Weight 0.0900 kg = 0.1984 lb = 3.1747 oz
Category Nail Stamping Plates
Brand Ejiubas
Creation time 2018-08-23



Using Instructions

  • 【1】Peel off the film & clean the plate & apply nail polish;
  • 【2】Use the scraper to remove extra nail polish;
  • 【3】Use the stamper in 45 degrees and stamp the images;;
  • 【4】Print the images onto your nails in right position.


Amazon Customer

I love the stamps plates. I am always wanting something different for my nails.


Lynette P. Zierden

Great plate


Faith Jones




Fun Christmas plates


Debbie Anttila

Great product easy to use


Donna Liles

So so super cute! All the designs are adorable and perfect for the holidays. Heavy metal plates make the stamps clear and easy to see. 10/10!



Omg i have been looking for Christmas stamping plates for so long! I never found any for a good price and good quality. They came fast, cheap and i love that they are double sided. I cant wait to practice some halloween ones also. I practiced the christmas ones first since its December and mab they work amazing! They picked up the stamp really well. Even on the snow flakes that have a lot of detail it picks it all up. They worked just better than i expected. Im going to do mines now. I will definitely buy from this seller again and recomend it for anyone. The only thing i didnt like was the images were clustered together and if you arent careful you can stamp a design on by accident that you didnt want. But cleaning your stamper with tape you can take most of the unwanted design of before you stamp. But it doesnt bug me much because it gives me for things to stamp



I own several plates from this maker. They are all well etched so they pick up great. The double sided design is fantastic! The images are great sizes and work well on my nails. Create your own Christmas Festival theme or spooky Halloween scene on your nails.



You have to have specific nail polish to use these because I tried a few before I found the ones that worked perfect. But I love these stamps sooooo much!


Dawn Knoll

These are very nice plates! Lots of stamps on them and the plates are double sided.


NailsIT on IG

Ejiubas is one of my favorite brands. Value! I would love to help them design better though.



I absolutely love these plates!! They pick up perfectly and with ease. The images are etched nicely and the plates have many different images to chose from.


Stephanie C.

I love these! The Halloween plates in stoked for next year.... Though my friend has claimed the Jack and Sally images for a Nightmare Before Christmas Mani.

But seriously, the Christmas images are lovely, perfect for layering or reverse stamping. Beginner->Advanced, these plates are wonderful!

I made the mistake of doing my nails, them decorating for Christmas, so next time I use the plates, I'll upload an image!



Got these for doing my girlfriend's nails because she loves Nightmare before Christmas. So many cute things. Now working on Christmas designs.



I love these plates! Perfectly etched, crisp images and flawless transfer. I have so many holiday designs planned!



 This set of Ejiubas stamping plates is really high quality. Love that you get images on both sides of the plate and that it comes with a protective blue film to keep it unscratched while shipping. After removing the blue film you can see the images are very well etched and the design is beautiful. There is a variety of images to choose from and the possibilities for manicure designs are endless. You can pick from individual nail images to a buffet style of images together. The first one I tried was the Christmas plate EJB-X07 which is amazing. I was able to pick up the images with my stamper and transfer them to my nails without any problems. I can't wait to continue using these to create unique nail designs.



I am satisfied with the product and above all I arrived on time


Amazon Customer

Theses plates are so adorable. Love the designs on them but I had major issues with the Born Pretty whatchumacall it brand of stamps. So it was a hassle to use in conjunction with it but the plates serve their purpose.


Teresa Smith

Nice designs!


Patty 5683

This is my grow to brand of stamping plates, They are etched deeper than others I have gotten so they work right away and they were perfect every time. I love them, will buy more
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