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EJIUBAS+@laublm Ejiubas Stamping Plates 2 Pieces Nail Stamping Kits Double-sided Nail Templates Animal Plants G-EJ2-19

EJIUBAS+@laublm Ejiubas Stamping Plates 2 Pieces Nail Stamping Kits Double-sided Nail Templates Animal Plants G-EJ2-19 Item NO: G-EJ2-19

US$ 8.79
US$ 10.99 Save US$ 2.20 (20% Off)
  • About the product
  • Double-Sided, More Designs, Less Space & Unique Multi-Print Design -- Double-sided design, more patterns to choose, a good space-saver;
  • Perfect Size For Nails, Moderate Depth To Stamp -- Full nail images measure 1.5cm x 2cm (0.59 in x 0.78 in );The whole plate measures 8cm X 14cm (3.15 in X 5.51 in).Etched deep enough to hold enough polish for a beautiful opaque stamping result, not so deep that end up with extra polish to smudge onto your nail. Easy to use for both beginners and experienced nail artists;
  • Blue Protect Film, Original EJiubas Package Sleeve -- Well protected from bend, scratches, and damaged with a transparent film; Handy Ejiubas sleeves storage;
  • Sandy Edges, NO hurt When Playing; Heavy Enough, NO Bend; High Quality, Appealing Price, A great investment for any nail art collection;
  • Video Support, 100% Full Refund Guarantee -- Search Ejiubas on Youtube or Instagram, Lots of tutorial videos for your reference
Product Name EJIUBAS+@laublm Ejiubas Stamping Plates 2 Pieces Nail Stamping Kits Double-sided Nail Templates Animal Plants G-EJ2-19
Item NO G-EJ2-19
Weight 0.1000 kg = 0.2205 lb = 3.5274 oz
Category Nail Stamping Plates
Brand Ejiubas
Creation time 2018-11-30


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Product description

Size: 3.15 Inch *5.5 Inch
Material: Stainless Steel
Package Contents: 2 PCS Double-side Ejiubas Stamping Image Plates
Package: Original Ejiubas Box Package, Bubble pack wrapped
Designs: Original Ejiubas Design, Copyright Reserved, Each design is protected by copyright laws.

1. Apply base coat or regular polish on the nail.
2. Apply the nail polish to desired image within a plate. (Recommended: Use the Solid Color Nail Polish, so that the texture will be thicker than other nail polish)
3. Make a scraper leaned over 45 degrees and scrape excessive polish off quickly and strongly from inside to outside.
4. Immediately press the stamper with a gentle rolling motion to pick up the design. The image is transferred on the stamp.
5. Stamp the image on your nail with a gentle rolling motion. The image is transferred on your nail.
6. Repeat the above steps for all of your nails.
7. After stamping nail art, apply top coat for lasting wear.

(Note: The plate is shielded by a thin blue protective film; please remove the film before use, so that the nail polish can be transferred by the stamper.)


Silver X

Very happy with these plates. Clear and crisp designs that transferred perfectly to my nails. Easy to use, even for a newbie.


Lilia P Nieto

I have 32 Ejiubas plates, but since they are front and back, it’s really 64. And I love every single one of them. I ordered these two over the weekend and the delivery date was supposed to be tomorrow, but they arrived today. So, yay! Anyway, I figured I really do enjoy these plates so it’s about time to write a review. If you’re into nail art you know the plate market is competitive. And it’s all over the place, too: you can get super cheap plates (but then you realize they’re not etched well, so you can’t really use them successfully), and on the other end of the spectrum plates that cost a small fortune. These plates are super affordable, especially since you are getting top quality and two plates in one. Btw, I think Ejiubas might be the only brand to do this double-sided thing. It’s such a smart feature! And they are solid, not flimsy at all, which means they don’t bend, which means the designs don’t get deformed, which means lots of happy manicures. Also, no sharp edges, so no risk of slicing your fingers.
Let’s talk about the designs, there is such a fun variety in these plates! I am uploading three photos. The first is a sampling of the designs. I didn’t swach all of the images, but enough of them for you to see they are definitely etched well. Where you see repeats it’s because I either wanted to confirm that that’s what the image is supposed to look like (case in point, images 2 and 3 on the second row), or because the image didn’t stamp well due to operator error, for instance, the penguins, the leaf, the skull. You can clearly see my first attempts were messed-up, but the second time around the images stamped beautifully.
The other two photos are zoomed in. Check out how sharp these images are. And the words! I am tired of plates that have text but they never stamp well. That’s not the case here, look at how defined that text looks!
All in all, these are excellent plates and I look forward to growing my collection with many more future plates. Love Ejiubas!


The Brewers

These plates are wonderful. They pick up really well, clean and crisp. Very well etched. The designs are adorable, unique, and very easy to use. I’ll update and add more photos as I do different manis. This one used 6 different images from the plates.


Milpa InternNails

 Ejiubas the best plates I had try the etched are deep and pick up so perfect no need to worry about the edges it won’t cut you. The delivery is fast and they have awesome customer service.



I love the fact that the plates are double-sided, the edges are not sharp, so many cute images, designs are etched well, and for essentially 4 plates for $8.99, it's an awesome deal. I highly recommend them!



Loving my Ejiubas plates! I love being able to make fun designs on my nails. These plates are etched deeply so there are no issues picking up with clear stampers. The price point is perfect. These are my second set and I'm sure my collection is going to grow.



The size of the patterns and the quality of the plates is impeccable. The idea that there are designs on both sides offers many possibilities and a lot of variety. THEY’RE EXTRAORDINARY
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