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Foot File Colossal Callus Remover

Foot File Colossal Callus Remover Item NO: HSMJC

US$ 10.99
Product Name Foot File Colossal Callus Remover
Weight 0.1000 kg = 0.2205 lb = 3.5274 oz
Category Beauty
Brand Ejiubas
Creation time 2019-03-11


Product Description

Are you tired of the dead skin on your feet ?

Ejiubas salon-quality foot files offer you a perfect solution for your heels



Beaching Nails

I absolutely Love this file. It's very easy to use and to clean. I was shocked by how quickly I saw results. Have soft and smooth heels all year long with this file. It removes calluses with a breeze and is stainless steal. I have tried this in all different direstion with different pressures and I did Not cut myself. I recommend this for sure.



This is the best foot file I have ever owned. It is easy to use and easy to clean. This works with minimal pressure.






When I go for pedicure, they would recommend a finer blade than this one. I wasn't happy with their results because it didn't give me a finished look and softer heel. But I highly recommend this product cuz it was efficient and effective even to remove my finer caluses leaving softer feet without much effort of scrubbing.


Vanessa Echeverry

Love using this after my hot showers, leaves my feet very smooth!


Ashwath M. Pavithran

Really nice...was wondering if it might as sharp as the kitchen tool


Silver X

Nice file. Works well. Great alternative to a gritty pummice stone. Rinses off well and is easy to clean.


Jurissa forty febres

I love this been wanting to purchase this foot filler and I can't be anymore satisfied with it nice and smooth love the way it leaves my feet . I first soaked my feet in warm water then massaged them to relax the skin then I filed them with the product then added lotion to finish. Wow this will save me about $50. Every month on a pedicure. Definitely will recommend well worth the money.



I purchased this Ejiubas Foot File Callus Remover as a gift to one of my nieces. My niece has struggled with cracked heels for years and regularly uses lotions and creams on her feet to alleviate the condition.
After my niece used the Ejiubas Foot File Callus Remover she texted me with her results. I’ve attached photos so that you can see the results after just one use. The first two photos are before and the second two are after she used the foot rasp. She expressed to me that she really loves this foot file, it is very easy to use and works very quickly. She stated that she really recommends it!
The metal parts of the Ejiubas Foot File Callus Remover is constructed of stainless steel so that it won’t rust and can be sterilized. The handle is plastic and very comfortable to hold and use. The Ejiubas Foot File Callus Remover can be used wet or dry to easily remove cracked/dead skin and the surface of calluses. The blade is replaceable and can be removed for cleaning. Be careful when removing the blade because it is sharp.
With so many individuals reporting that they contracted a fungus or infection when getting a pedicure at a salon, why not try to take care of your feet yourself.



I really like this foot file! It’s super sturdy and the handle makes it easy to hold on to in the shower. Unlike other foot files that are made of a gritty surface, this one is made of metal so it does a great job of removing dead skin plus it’s sanitary and easy to clean.


Judith A

 Works amazing, not too rough. The handle is very comfortable to grip too.



Love how easy this is to use and effienct it is


Michelle E. Loy

This callus remover is great. It feels very durable and like it will last a long time. It is easy to use and works well to quickly remove stubborn calluses. Would definitely recommend.
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