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Paraffin Wax Warmer Quick-Heating Paraffin Wax Machine Moisturizing Kit

Paraffin Wax Warmer Quick-Heating Paraffin Wax Machine Moisturizing Kit Item NO: G-EJ6-08

US$ 60.99
  • About the product
  • 【Helpful for Daily Stress & Pain Relief & Softens Skin】The paraffin wax smoothens and softens dry skin on hands, elbows, and feet;Heat therapy for stiff hands is great, this parrafin bath spa system at home is convenient and works great for arthritis. It's not a cure but it can improve mobility
  • 【Well-fit Size for Your feet & hands & Elbows & Quick Melt】This professional-grade electric wax warmer is constructed of a sleek composite exterior and durable metal interior, and features a large open design for ample room (Size 12.08 * 9.6 * 5.91 Inch )to dip hands, feet, or elbows.And it offers a suitable range of temperatures from 140 ℉ to 170 ℉, enables you to set your desired temperature.Melts wax quickly and evenly , takes just 20 minutes to fully melt 2 lbs of paraffin wax at 167 °F
  • 【Easy Instructions & Convenient Silicone Spatula Included】Dip hand, elbow or heel several times to create a wax covering, then peel away wax to reveal softer, smoother-looking skin. Or use the silicone spatula/ bru
Product Name Paraffin Wax Warmer Quick-Heating Paraffin Wax Machine Moisturizing Kit
Item NO G-EJ6-08
Weight 63.9900 kg = 141.0738 lb = 2257.1808 oz
Category Beauty
Brand Ejiubas
Creation time 2018-10-07



EJIUBAS Paraffin Wax Warmer - Enjoy Your Home Paraffin Bath

Technical Specifications

Working voltage/frequency: AC (110 V-120 V/60 Hz)

Power rating: 265 W

External size: Width 12.09 in (30.7 cm), diameter 9.61 in (24.4 cm) and height 5.91 in (15 cm)

Internal size: Width 5.19 in (13.2 cm), diameter 3.62 in (9.2 cm) and height 3.74 in (9.5 cm)

Capacity: 1200 ml

Package Contents

1 x Lavany Paraffin Wax Warmer 1 x Brush

1 x Silicone patula 4 x 200 g Paraffin Wax

100 x Glove Liners for hand 100 x Glove Liners for feet

2 x Thermal Mitts for hand 2 x Thermal Mitts for feet

1 x Heat Insulating Grid 1 x User Manual


Amazon Customer

I love this machine!! I purchased this to save money on salon visits. Smells great, easy to use, the wax melts super fast. Great product, very happy with purchase!!!



Bought this machine to use at a professional salon. Love that it came with 5 individually sealed wax blocks, the hand and feet mittens,and a silicone scraper and brush,and the disposable bags for hands/feet. Medium size and compact space saver. Came with everything needed to perform a service!



I ordered this for a gift for my best friend for her birthday Day. My friend absolutely loved it and after the get-together party, we set it up and she used it. It was simple to set up and directions were easy to use. I wanted to get a pedicure bath bubble thing, but I saw this wasn't that much more expensive than those little feet bubble tubs.
The main part of it is nice and sturdy feeling. There was enough wax in there to use this for a long time coming. It made a great gift and the price was pretty good for the product itself. I may come back and get myself one.



I love this warmer!! I do my nails regularly, so keeping my hands (and cuticles!) Soft is important to me, especially since that seems to be a problem area of drying for me.
I've been into this brand for nail art products and figured I'd give the warmer a go and I am not disappointed.
The instructions are clear enough to understand and everything is fairly self explanatory. I will say that the wax does get pretty warm, so sticking your hand in is not a good idea lol Your best bet is to pour a bit of wax into the bag and then place your hand in.
Over all, it's an amazing value!


Mel Mandy

I loved this set! It was very easy to use and great quality. I would definitely buy it again. It takes some adjustment to work on the temp but it's perfect in the end.


Rachel Simmons

Use it all the time


R Porter

Finally got to use this Mother's Day ! We used plain paraffin wax and it melted just fine in no time. We both got to dip our hands to our wrists twice and the warmth was heavenly !! I have arthritis and it felt good right away. I used the plastic wrappers and cloth covers in the kit to keep the warmth in. Best me time treat!!. For my daughter's, I was able to use a plain paint brush and get between the fingers really well. We both noticed our hands were super soft and smooth after. Gonna do my feet next.


Regina Nails Bfly

The Ejiubas Paraffin wax warmer is exactly what I needed for my tired hands and feet after a long day at work you got to have a way to relax and get rid of the pain.

The wax warmer came with detailed instructions and safety tips for your protection against any injuries.
When I got the machine I was very impressed with the construction.
I used the warm as per the instructions and it worked extremely well, it didn't take much time for the wax to melt and it smelled so good.
Once the wax was melted I used the brush to apply it to my hands which I then placed in the plastic sleeves provide and then into the soft mittens which I love because they are pink


Tiffany Nero

I have been dying to order a paraffin bath and I stumbled across this one and had to get it. It came with a spatula, 5 wax packs, and some disposable hand and foot bags plus the mittens you need to each.
I tried this on my hands first with I’ve always had an issue with dry hands and small calluses. After using this bath it made my hands feel so much softer instantly.
I wanted to really see how far we could go and tried this on a family member rough elbows and it wasn’t as smooth as my hands but you definitely could feel a difference.

I recommend buying this product.


Justine Justine

Amazing paraffin starter ! I am a nail tech esthetician and I’m enjoying using it at home and on clients. Wish it was in all white or all black but over all great product and shop!


Becky Tompkins

I love everything about product. The machine heats up great and is very safe. The wax is wonderful. My clients love it as well as myself.


Patricia Heinze

The product was delivered super quick shipped which I loved. When it came, it was packaged nicely and had all the contents included - warmer, bags, brush, spatula, heat insulator gloves for feet and hands and of course 5 packages of wax. The wax is plenty to do a few dips, but I really wish enough wax was included to reach the minimum mark (but that may be for salon use only! I’m not sure!). The warmer melted the wax super quick within a couple minutes which is nice. BE CAREFUL not to have it up too high. 60C is plenty if not still too warm. I will most certainly use it again very soon. It makes my hands feel soft and moisturized and the lavender scent is quite pleasant. Next I will be dipping my feet! Totally worth it!



I live in the desert and my skin gets extremely dry and cracks. After using this, I love how soft it leaves my hands!


Amazon Customer

I absolutely love love love this product! I work on my feet all day tearing open boxes which is rough on my hands and feet. This product has brought them back to my younger days! If you have a larger than average foot it takes a bit of maneuvering but where there's a will, there's a way! I highly recommend this!


Sandra K Dooley

I loved having this done at the salon. So when I saw this, I knew I had to try it. This is a high quality product. I suggest using the lower heat. It took less than ten minutes for all five of the wax packets to melt. I only dipped my hand in for less than 5 seconds. This is all it takes for the wax to cover your hand. I dipped like this five times. It left a thick layer of wax on my hand. Loved having the plastic and mitts. I relaxed about fifteen minutes with the gloves on. Wax removal was very easy. And my hands felt revived after use. Would recommend this product for anyone wanting a salon quality product. This company always has quick delivery and great customer service.


Chanel Thomas

Love this product. I have used paraffin before. This by far is my favorite.


.Pam Cakes

This is a really good wax kit, at first I didn’t think there was a enough wax but there was more wax inside the drum! This comes with everything you need, you get the wax, a spatula, brush plastic bags for feet and hands and also booties and gloves for feet and hands! The actual wax melter is great it’s compact and sturdy and has a lid so the wax melts after and stays lint free. I am a big self care and at home spa day type of woman and this wax set is perfect! So relaxing, I have my feet covered in wax and wearing the booties as I write this !


Karen W.

I bought this for a gift and she was very happy! The only thing that she said wrong is that it her foot just fit in it I thought it was gonna be bigger than that


Dr. A. Savage

Works well for pain


Mayra Gonzalez

It has a quite comfortable size easy to use brings all the materials that I need I recommend them
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