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Ejiubas Cuticle Trimmer with Cuticle
Ejiubas Cuticle Trimmer with Cuticle


US$ 7.99
Reviews (585)
  • 2019-09-16
    Very good cuticle clipper. Nice and sharp and very durable.
  • 2019-09-15
    Byron Moenter
    Works great!
  • 2019-09-15
    Patricia C
    I have been using these for the past several months and they work great! The cuticle trimmers are nice a narrow and make it very easy to get hang nail’s. The cuticle pusher doubles as a decal trimmers as well.
  • 2019-09-14
    Jeremey Riopelle
    Very well made. Very sharp. Highly recommend.
  • 2019-09-13
    Magda Rodriguez
    Really like this product very easy to use would definitely buy it again
  • 2019-09-12
    barbara owens
    Good quality product
  • 2019-09-12
    nina garcia
    Great combo deal, works well
  • 2019-09-12
    These totally impressed me. The clippers are very sharp, so you can’t go ham on your cuticles like with other clippers. The stick is great too, which I expected not to use. The slicer end is sharp and the cuticle pusher on the other ends works great. My only complaint is the clippers are not collapsible. You have to put the little plastic lid on the top to keep them closed.
  • 2019-09-12
    picky drinker
    I really like it and it’s good quality. It also came with a cover to protect the point and protect me from it!
  • 2019-09-08
    Good quality product. Worth it 100%
  • 2019-09-07
    maria freire
    Great product for an awesome price. Just be careful when use it, very sharp.
  • 2019-09-07
    My first pair of cuticle nippers, but I found these to be extremely sharp and they do what I bought them to do.
  • 2019-09-06
    Excellent product! High quality! Thank you! Highly recommend.
  • 2019-09-04
    Taryn Slaughter
    Love this set, I use it all the time
  • 2019-09-03
    jesse s.
    love this!!
  • 2019-09-02
    Lauraly Fortenberry
    Wish it was cheaper in normal colors but whatever. This thing works so well, if may be good to YouTube how to properly use them. I didn't know what I was doing first time around and there isn't much forgiveness when so sharp
  • 2019-08-31
    leslie leroy
    Like, personal use
  • 2019-08-30
    vivian brown
    A lovely set sharp and pretty yo look at
  • 2019-08-28
    These work better than several more expensive ones I purchased.
  • 2019-08-28
    Wendy Kurtz
    Work great
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