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  • 2018-09-09
    I love this cuticle trimmer. I had two previous ones that weren’t connected in the center. The slide tension would slip and poke my hands. This pair with the constant tension piece is great! The blades are sharp so trimming is super easy! The included cuticle pusher is a good tool also.
  • 2018-09-08
    Julie A.Kaplan
    Very sharp. Does the job.
  • 2018-09-03
    Jessica Torres
  • 2018-09-02
    Have only used a couple of times but product seems to be made well. Very sharp so be careful when using cuticle trimmers! Love the cuticle pusher!
  • 2018-09-01
    Excellent tool. The blades of this cuticle nipper are very sharp. It really works well and it very well priced. It’s also nice that it comes with the cuticle tool.
  • 2018-09-01
    Nice, sharp, solid and well-made. Perfect for my needs and excellent price.
  • 2018-08-29
    Perfect trimmer and the cuticle pusher was a plus. Very well made
  • 2018-08-28
    Amazon Customer
    Very sharp and works well as designed
  • 2018-08-28
    Amrigumi Fan
    The nipper is made out of a substantial amount of stainless which is well balanced for use. The cuticle pusher is also made of a substantial amount of stainless which allows for great control while working. This is a great purchase.
  • 2018-08-27
    Very easy to use. Perfect. I tried 3 different ones at my local department store. All the ones that the department store felt like metal on metal grinding when you use them. These were the opposite of that. They're smooth and efficient.
  • 2018-08-26
    Grips easily and very sharp and precise. Very satisfied with purchase.
  • 2018-08-26
    Mary M.
    Very please. Ordered for my daughter and am going to order another set for myself.
  • 2018-08-26
    I was looking for a new clipper set. I was happy to find this set comes with a pusher also. The pusher has a cool end that comes to a point, great for cleaning around cuticles or under nails. These are nice and lightweight, seem to be well made. They are VERY sharp so use with caution. I like the little pouch they came in.
  • 2018-08-25
    Amazon Customer
    I use these all the time. The trimmer is very very sharp and gets the job done.
  • 2018-08-24
    I have bought many of these and most are too big and not sharp. These get to the smallest of cuticles.
  • 2018-08-24
    Am in nail technician school. Have tried a few different brands of nippers and they quickly stopped opening and closing well after just a week of properly disinfecting them. I ordered this set and they have done a tremendous job for me and hold up to proper disinfection procedures. I am ordering more.
  • 2018-08-22
    Oxana Gor
    Do the job, very sharp
  • 2018-08-22
    Amazon Customer
    Nice tools for manicure, the nippers are sharp and cut well. Nice quality
  • 2018-08-21
    This cuticle nipper is amazing and such a good price! I love the smaller head and how smooth and easy it is to use! And it has a small cap to preserve the head and comes in a handy pouch along with a cuticle pusher. Perfect set, even for the beginner person! Totally recommend this!
  • 2018-08-20
    C.Q. Young
    Love these - man are they sharp! They have nice long handles that give great leverage and the points are just right! Best clippers/trimmers I have.
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