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  • 2019-05-14
    I just got them they are what you pay for. They cut well. I now have to wait and use them and see if they get dull fast
  • 2019-05-14
    J. M. Tatum
    These are sharp and easy to use. Very precise
  • 2019-05-11
    Came in On time just as what says on the deivery date. well packed &&- very sturdy! highly recommended. very happy with my purchase! thank u
  • 2019-05-10
    Sarah Turner
    I absolutely love this cuticle trimmer!! First, I love the color! It came in a little plastic pouch to keep it safe. It came with a hard plastic cover for the tip of the trimmer. It doesn’t look like it’s going to come off very easily which is awesome! These are very sharp so be careful! These are very well made and easy to hold. These trimmeres are longer than the normal sized one which is awesome! I included a side by side comparison of my old ones and new ones. They don’t dig into my palm like my old ones did. I love how the spring is! It’s kinda locked together so
    It doesn’t come apart, which I love! I was always fussing with my old ones and these ones are such a huge upgrade to what I had!! Love them!
  • 2019-05-10
    Robert Boyce
    These are sharp and the new design makes them easier to hold. Would buy again!
  • 2019-05-10
    Maria L
    Great product! Very satisfied with the quality and make of this item. Soft to the touch and easy to use.
  • 2019-05-09
    Heather Greenly
    Seriously! I have been using this cheap set, that for now have been just ok. The trimmer was too small in my hand and hurt after a little bit. The pusher was just archaic!
    This beautiful chameleon set I just received are WONDERFUL! Not only are they GORGEOUS, the trimmer fits my WHOLE HAND! No more pain! And the cuticle pusher cuts through the dead skin like butter, without me cutting myself!
    I would 100% recommend these to everyone! What color is up to you, but I'd splurge and get the chameleon!!
  • 2019-05-09
    Amy C.
    I needed new cuticle trimmers, so I thought I would try these out. I'm glad I did! First, the handle part is longer than most cuticle trimmers out there. This made them so much easier and more comfortable to use. I had no problems when using them. The cuticle pusher was very nice as well. It was not as harsh on my nails at all. It was less abrasive as compared to other metal pushers. Using the cuticle pusher along with some cuticle remover left my nails very smooth and looking nice.

    I definitely recommend these cuticle tools. Just the fact that the handle is longer makes this product worth buying!
  • 2019-05-08
    I got the green set and really liked it. I thought it was going to be a plastic green cover case that is just sides on to the handles but it wasn't and its soft on your hands when you use them and sharpe too witch is good. I'm happy and satisfied :)
  • 2019-05-07
    I like how it came in the bag. The nipper came with the cap which I like about it. It's easy to hold & work with. Definitely worth the money & will be purchasing more in the future.
  • 2019-05-05
    Good product I’m ver satisfied
  • 2019-05-05
    Jehan A
    This is an easy tool to use. I finally can have my cuticles looking neat without paying salon prices.
  • 2019-05-04
    Christine Christopher
    Amazing quality of the tools. Will purchase again
  • 2019-05-03
    Nippers are perfect! Great quality and easy to use, not bulky or uncomfortable . Cuticle pusher worked amazing in 1 pass. Both did a beautiful job.
  • 2019-05-03
    I bought my item months ago and definitely love it, its easy to use and easy to maneuver to easily remove hard to reach dry skin and hard cuticles. I have hard and painful dry skin at the side of my toes and I have to clean it myself because nail salons won’t even attempt to remove it due to fear of hurting me in the process and I fear infection so I do!’t want them to, that’s why this item comes in handy. I love it and using it relieves discomfort and pain on my nails.
  • 2019-05-02
    I like this cuticle cutter. It might not be the best out there, but it's better than the cheap one I got in a manicure kit from CVS like 6 years ago. It's quite sharp, and I cut myself the first time because I wasn't used to it. It's definitely nice and sharp and doesn't slip out of your hands like some cheaper cutters. Wish I had taken a before and after, but the included pic is with a cuticle serum, cuticle pushing and then cutting. It's not perfect, especially since I still need to loosen my cuticles and get used to the feel of these new cutters. I found the cuticle pusher to be incredibly useful as well, and perhaps my favorite tool out of both.
  • 2019-05-02
    I have been in the market for a good pair of cuticle nippers for a while now and decided to order these after reading all of the reviews. I am especially fond of the purple color! They are say to maneuver and quite sharp!
  • 2019-05-02
    R & D Williams
    This would be the perfect cuticle clipper if it had some type of grip on the handles. With that said, it's easy to use & does the job. If my hands are dry (winter time) it slipped from my grip. I just used the other device that comes with it...to push cuticles back . It did the job SO much better than the same tool I've had for quite a few years. Highly recommend this product b/c you get 2 tools :)
  • 2019-05-02
    Kelly Lytten
    I don’t normally make reviews but i do nails and i AMAZED at how sharpe this are
  • 2019-05-01
    Use it constantly
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