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  • 2019-10-11
    I love love love love this nails. Perfect shape and great quality. 100% recommended
  • 2019-10-07
    Love! I am a nail technician, so it would really be a wast of time for me to get a full set of acrylics due to how much nail polish remover I deal with daily, so these are PERFECT for when I have an event or something coming up!
  • 2019-10-05
    Remy Z.
    I put these nails on yesterday with Nailene ultra quick nail glue (both the nail and the glue have to be good for it to work best so a success speaks for both), and so far they’ve held up to a long shower, doing my hair (and redoing it many times because I’m a perfectionist), getting dressed, sleeping, petting three cats, slamming my hands and fingers into multiple large objects because I’m clumsy, doing laundry, cooking, dishes, and washing my hands countless times. Now, it’s only been a day, but I’ve had salon-done acrylics that broke and fell off under far less stress than all that.

    The key to making any glue on false nail look good, is to remember to shape them to your (freshly pushed and trimmed) nail beds before applying them, as well as trimming and shaping the tips to your preference afterwards. It really makes the difference between “those might even be acrylics” to “those nails look fake and out of place”. Obviously I’m a person who likes a relatively absurd length of very sharp claws, which if you’ve ever had them, you know tends to not be nearly as strong as something shorter or at least with a wider tip, which speaks to the strength of these nails. Also important is having several “finishes” of nail file, to get the right kind of control over the shape, and avoid weakening the false nail. These were very easy to shape just how I wanted.
    Overall I would give these at least a 9/10; it’s only been a day so I’m leaning room for future error, including anything that might happen when I add (or remove) any polish; I haven’t even bothered yet because I got the “natural” color and they look great as is. And, while this is true of ANY kind of real or false nail, the tips do seem to dull a teeny bit faster when typing than others I’ve had, but to be totally fair, adding polish may definitely help avoid that. I do wish they came with a sorted tray to easily pick each nail out of, instead of baggies, but that’s not a huge deal and I can buy one separately if I really want to.
    Good price, comes with lots of size options. Try them out and experiment with a new nail style!
  • 2019-10-02
    Get a bang for your buck
  • 2019-09-30
    Amazon Customer
    I love these.
  • 2019-09-27
    Laura Glover
    I have nothing bad to say about these nails. They fit well, and are durable. I love the fact they are clear. Makes it possible to get the jelly nail effect.
  • 2019-09-25
    These are so easy to work with. With many sizes to choose from its easy to match them up to your own finger nail size. With 3 easy steps (glue, file, and polish) you finish. Look like you just left the salon. My gel polish paints on soo easy over these without have to sand/buff.
  • 2019-09-19
    april herring
    I love the length and shape of these nails have yet to be disappointed for sure will order again and recommend to others
  • 2019-09-19
    I love these nails. I'm a mom of two and dress pretty casual but I always feel put together when I have my nails done. I enjoy switching them out and trying new styles every week. ❤️
  • 2019-09-18
    trent mcgowan
    My wife life loved that they were super easy to design and wear.
  • 2019-09-17
    Jessy Ros
    I'm not a nail artist, just a cosplayer! For my Evelynn KDA cosplay, I wanted one hand without a claw, but long nails like she has in the character art. I initially thought of getting pre-made fake nails, but I came across these, and thought this was more useful for the price, I could use them for multiple projects, and the shape was versatile - I could keep them long or shorten them. A few coats of polish and some nail stickers and these worked great.
  • 2019-09-17
    I promise you. These are the BEST full coverage nails you will find! They are strong, fit great, and are very easy to paint/decorate. SO much money saved on going to the salon, and much more flexibility, they can be removed easily so you can change then out for new ones that are painted differently or just go a couple days without nails! The length is perfect but they are easily shapable to make then how youd like!! I recommend!
  • 2019-09-14
    Johnelle Jones
    Sturdy press ons! Easy to apply!
  • 2019-09-08
    These are better than acrylics. They fit my nail beds perfect. With one coat of clear pink polish they look very natural. These are the best and trust me I have tried a lot. I just cut and shape these to my liking.
  • 2019-09-01
    Good quality. Very happy!
  • 2019-08-29
    The overall shape and length is exactly as expected. Sizing was a perfect fit for any nail size and my nails are a bit on the wider side so it's usually complicated to fit without looking bulky or one nail being noticeably bigger than the other. These fit beautifully and looked natural. They are durable and hold up well. Will buy again.
  • 2019-08-29
  • 2019-08-28
    Margaret Payne
    If you want these nails to last LET THE NAIL GLUE DRY BEFORE REMOVING THEM! They were very long and easy to remove. I also found that if you didn't like the length you could easily clip them! They don't look bad and are multi-purpose!
  • 2019-08-28
    Cayson Creation
    Love these easy to use and the price is great
  • 2019-08-27
    Natasha Michelle
    These nails are very flexible and they have not break.
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