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  • 2019-09-12
    It arrived quickly yesterday. I used it once for arthritis pain and found it helpful. I hope it will continue to be beneficial .
  • 2019-09-09
    PlantSeeds SingSongs
    Excellent! Hands really felt good after one use, easy to use. Very hot! Be careful.
  • 2019-09-09
    Vanessa Echeverry
    This kit comes with everything you could possibly need. The temperature gauge is easy to read and the instructions are simple to understand. Bonus my hands feel amazing!
  • 2019-09-07
    jennifer piccolo
    This is a fantastic was machine with literally everything you need! The scent of the wax is fantastic, very easy to use, and has left my feet and hand super soft!
  • 2019-09-01
    A good price compared to other products. The heat feels great on my hands and lasts. Very easy to use.
  • 2019-08-28
    Jodi T.
    You get the warmer, plastics, thermal covers and the wax all included. The only downfall I see so far after just one use is that it was supposed to come with 5 packages of wax and I only got 2. It seems to soften feet in about 10 minutes.
  • 2019-08-26
    I brought the paraffin wax machine over to my best friend's house and we had a spa day! It came with five blocks of paraffin wax (all five were needed to get the level in the warmer high enough), a thermometer, a grate to put on the bottom to prevent the user from making contact with the heat source, plastic hand and foot protectors and insulating mitts and booties. It took about 45 minutes for the wax to warm up to the appropriate temperature. We followed the easy to read directions in the kit and were able to comfortably do three adults (2 women and 1 man) and one child's hands and feet in one session. It felt so good! The wax is smooth and smells wonderful. Even my three year old goddaughter loved it. It actually didn't make a huge mess like we thought it would. Once it dried fully, the wax peeled off like a sock or a glove and everyone was pleased with how soft and moisturized their hands and feet felt. Personally, my citicles are really dry and they look great today.
  • 2019-08-23
    Crossy J
    I loved this! My hands feel so soft after using it. My nails look so moisturized and healthy and it made the muscles so relaxed. I have carpal tunnel and I feel the heat therapy alone from the wax will help 10 fold. I cannot say enough about this. I wish it was big enough that I could dip my entire body in it I liked it so much. I got more wax because I want to be able to get my ankles and full wrist covered and share it with friends!! I'm looking forward to the next nail day
  • 2019-08-22
    The machine is great, but there is not enough wax to fill the first line in the machine. I have to use this machine for therapy with my hand per my Occupational Therapist. When I put my hand in, it really does not cover my hand. I have to reach to the bottom just to try to get my whole hand covered. I just think there should be more wax submitted with machine to at least fill the top of the machine.
  • 2019-08-05
    This is a very good wax machine. I use it for my fingers. It has enough room for my hand which I like. Paraffin melts quickly in this machine. The only thing that happened to me was the first time I used it, the temperature stopped at where I wanted it to be. The next time I used it, it went 10 deg higher which was too hot. However, it comes with a thermometer so that didn’t happen again! Great value for the money.
  • 2019-07-31
    I absolutely loved this product, after a week of constantly using my hands and being on my feet I enjoy soaking my feet the warm wax. Helps me relax my muscles just a bit. Also love the accessories it came with. Perfect to show temperature, socks are perfect to allow the wax stay warm on you.
  • 2019-07-25
    As described.. love it
  • 2019-07-19
    internet customer
    ordered as a gift.
  • 2019-07-18
  • 2019-07-12
    Shelley Sadow Frankel
    Instructions were vague. Not enough wax provided. Instructions should read change wax for hand and feet and use different color waxes
  • 2019-07-10
    I love this product I tried it on my feet cause every summer I get dry skin and with the 1st use I saw a big difference ! And now I’m addicted lol
  • 2019-07-10
    Very convenient wax machine to use came with everything you needed enough wax to start you off with as well a good steal
  • 2019-07-08
    Rachel R. Robbins
    This wax warmer has two heat settings and works very quickly. It melted the wax in about ten minutes. I used all of the wax that came with it and just scooped what I needed out with a measuring cup I already had on hand. I then placed the wax into the booties and mitts. This is the way I was taught in nail school to avoid cross-contamination. If you are using this for personal use, you don’t really need to do it that way and can follow the manufacturer’s instructions. I like that there is a safety grate in case you are dipping directly into the wax warmer. It is such a good value - it includes enough paraffin to get started, plenty of plastic mitts and booties and the insulated covers for both. It also includes a spatula and a brush. Would recommend to any at home DIY nail enthusiast or someone with arthritis like myself or even a pro who is getting started!
  • 2019-07-04
    Judi Macrie-Shuck
    Waxing is part of my therapy, recovering from extensive arthroplasty. I needed something to use at home, so I could enjoy the soothing relief of the wax. Great product.
  • 2019-07-04
    L-Egance Designs
    It works great! Love my soft feet!!!
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