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  • 2018-11-03
    L-Egance Designs
    As described and high quality. Broken out into sizes making it easy to fit to nails perfectly! Fantastic product with an awesome price! Love them!!!
  • 2018-11-02
     They are truly good nails but i only Fit 5 of the sizes and idk wat to do with the rest of the other sizes
  • 2018-11-01
    They are soooooo nicceeeeee I love them! They are sturdy and easy to cut, file and shape and nail polish looks so pretty on it compaired to a bare nail.
  • 2018-10-31
    Addie Taylor
    Perfect length
  • 2018-10-29
    I love these nails. I filed down the divets at the tip. I attached them to masking tape underneath and then attached a q tip to the tape so that I could paint them with gel polish without putting them on first. The gel polish adhered well. The biggest size nails were too small for my thumbs but still look good. It's nice to get the look of acrylic nails for less. I've been wearing them for 5 days and they are durable. None have broke. One nail fell off but came off completely. Overall these nails are great.
  • 2018-10-25
    D. Craft
    Cute, short, coffin shape. Stayed on over 3 weeks and were very durable.
  • 2018-10-22
    I love these nails I am a nail tech and was looking for the perfect nails to create press ons and these have done the trick sturdy and structured just right
  • 2018-10-21
    Lauren Grace
    Wow. Sturdy, long, and beautifully shaped. I am so ready to fulfill my custom press-on nail dreams.
  • 2018-10-20
    lindsey h.
  • 2018-10-17
    John W.
    Nice shape and sturdy
  • 2018-10-16
    Amazon Customer
    Totally recommend these nails. It was my first time using paste ons and I wish I would’ve done it sooner. I cut the length down a little
    because of my job but it didn’t ruin them. They’re beautiful!
  • 2018-10-11
    AMAZINH PRODUCT, when applied they are thin enough to appear real but still have that fresh from the nail shop look!!!
  • 2018-10-08
    This is the first time I’ve done nails like this but I have done already prepared press on nails a few times. This is also a new shape for me as I usually go with square or “squoval” shapes and I have to say these are super flattering. They fit really well and I didn’t need to file the sides to fit. They feel Ike quality nails and they look like regular acrylics. These are a great value too as there are plenty left over for the next 9 times or so. The ones that didn’t fit I am using as practice nails to perfect designs and nail gems/jewelry and to try out color options. Anyways these are awesome and I highly recommend!
  • 2018-10-03
    the nails are pretty thick, which i like because they seem more durable than other fake nails i have tried. i got the clear ones and i painted them before i glued them onto my nails, which seemed to work fine. i just wish there were more sizes. i used the smallest size (9) for my pinky fingers and they were still way too wide, so i tried to file them down a bit. other than that, the other sizes fit my nails okay. i love the coffin shape!
  • 2018-09-28
    I bought the Ballerina set not the coffin set. I absolutely love the shape! I got asked all the time what shape they are and get compliments all the time. I have purchased from this company 3 times , never disappointed.
  • 2018-09-28
    Amazon Customer
    They do what I need them to do. Just make sure you size them right, I will say they are pretty sturdy this set lasted two weeks.
  • 2018-09-26
    Love them! Easy to trim and shape too!
  • 2018-09-21
    Kindle Customer
    Love these nails fit perfect and look great. Love the long length hubby does to for those special fun times hehe
  • 2018-09-18
     Lasted 2 weeks. Even when I had to soak it in acetone to remove it.
  • 2018-09-17
    Love them! Perfect length love the shape!
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