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Coffin Nails Long Fake Nails-BTArtbox
Coffin Nails Long Fake Nails-BTArtbox


US$ 7.99
Reviews (298)
  • 2019-08-19
    Madeline Feliciano
    Muy Buenas Las Recomiendo 100%
  • 2019-08-18
    Amber shaw
    They look amazing and there pretty strong
  • 2019-08-17
    Nancy Dickmon
    Tips are very good quality
  • 2019-08-16
    Me encantó que quedan exactamente en la uña natural no nesesita cortar oh limar para la medida
  • 2019-08-16
    Amazon Customer
    Pretty good quality for the price. Love long nails
  • 2019-08-15
    Debra Hoven
    I absolutely love these nails actually the best out of a bunch of others I have tried!! And I even fill with a Polygel and keep them on top like a dual form nail and they are Stunning!! Check them out in my YouTube videos. Diamond Debbies Gloss N Glow is my channel. Ty I really love these highly recommend them and will purchase more. Quality and Quantity. Ty
  • 2019-08-14
    They came very fast and are very easy to use
  • 2019-08-14
    I love these ! I have made my own set of press on nails with them and I am absolutely satisfied. Great value.
  • 2019-08-14
  • 2019-08-13
    Dream Nailz
    I found these tips to be amazing! They are already tapered to it saves on filing time. They do curve downwards like a natural nail often grows so don’t get these if you’re looking for super flat nails, but I’m sure that if you place the tip higher on the nail bed, they’ll still work for that too. They aren’t flimsy so filing is much easier than other tips and yet they’re thin enough that I don’t have to file the tip flush to the nail before applying acrylic. We will be using these in the nail shop from now on!
  • 2019-08-13
    Kindle Customer
    Good product. Will buy again.
  • 2019-08-12
    Loved these tips great . Great strength, great shape.
  • 2019-08-11
    Jessica reynoso
  • 2019-08-11
    Tylivia Blackwelder
    Perfecttttt Nail Tips, I Absolutely Love Them.. Very Sturdy, Durable, And Easy To File Into Desired Shape

    Edit: Added A Photo To My Review..
  • 2019-08-10
    I love it
  • 2019-08-10
    erica virola
    Depends your zip code
  • 2019-08-09
    Triniece Borden
    LOVE LOVE LOVE these!!!!
  • 2019-08-09
    Amazon Customer
    Love them. Perfect thickness. Very easy to clip and they don't break like most. I've only used with dipping powder and I am in love. Great product at a great price.
  • 2019-08-08
    Tracey Cockrell
    I absolutely love them.
  • 2019-08-07
    D Albano 909
    I love the shape but the one thing that was upsetting was that the case was broke and nails were scattered. Not how I pictured it. Had to sort and put them into bags
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