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  • 2019-09-21
     I wanted to wait till I had really used it to it's full potential to do a review. And I love it! I think the pics will show you better than I can tell you
  • 2019-08-23
    Love Joi
    Good value...happy it comes with a drill but the polygel is lacking in pigment. I chose it for the fact that it came with white but it is not pigmented enough to even look white. These are very sheer in color but again a good value.
  • 2019-08-23
    .Pam Cakes
    This set is so well rounded, you get everything you need in this set. The polygel I already knew was amazing but this set comes with so much more. You get the polygel, dual forms, base-coat and top coat a dapper dish, hand file, EFILE, DRILL BITS, polygel brush, and brush saver! Whew!!! The only thing not included is a LED lamp! The efile alone makes this set a great set, when you add the fact that you get 6 different polygel colors and dual forms it’s amazing. The polygel is great quality and these dual forms fit great I have wide thumbs and these forms even fit my thumbs! I love this kit and how well packed it is!
  • 2019-08-21
    Sonya leonard
    Easy to apply. Fast shipping. Solution was a bit tacky i used 91% alcohol instead. Easy to file in very natural looking. Got a lot of complements . Will purchase again
  • 2019-08-20
    one thing is for sure that you’ll need a lot of practice, luckily my brother let me practice on him with all the colors that came in and my favorite colors are natural pink and bright white, but after a few try’s your nails will look GREATTT it looks like i got them done at the salon, be wear though the poly gels are very small which sucks if you like have a long set and the best slip solutions for picking up the gel with the brush is 70% alcohol! i’d honeslty recommend
  • 2019-08-19
    I have been painting my natural nails for years but I have never really been into gels or acrylics. I wanted to dabble in it myself to give my nails just a touch of added length and uniformity (my pesky index fingers are always breaking). I am glad I was able to get everything in one go in this kit. Without the slip, it was difficult to shape the gels onto my nails with a precious set. It was difficult to shape with a manual file too. Tada! Enter this ECBasket all in one. I love that you get a few different colors of gel for your base. The motorized file is perfect and easy to control. Overall, I am very satisfied and excited to experiment with this!
  • 2019-08-02
    Jenny Maurer
    Got this and I have been really enjoying my first experience with polygel. Though I'm not sure this is the best gel out there but the kit came with everything other then the light and I found it easy to work with.

    I did however not like the molds that were provided they didn't fit well with the shape of my finger, but I had some nail forms and the polygel work great with them

    I work with my hands so I need something that is hard wearing and this has stood up to the test
  • 2019-07-31
    Amazon Customer
    I like itThe color they are very beautiful and everything is available with a brush with everything I received I receive it on time I don’t have any problem with
  • 2019-07-27
    Luv product. It goes on nicely. Luv colors also.
    The tubes are very small. I used with 90% alcohol. I used misty rose on family member and it came out beautifully.
    I did an ombre with the green and pink. I used the pop its that came with kit. I luv it better than other polygels.
  • 2019-07-24
    Sara Rosa
    I’m really excited with this poly gel kit. Everything came well packed and elegant. The colors are adorable. I have been seen good feedback about Ecbasket products and I end up not only getting this kit but their cordles/portable 35000 rpm nail drill, and some nail tips for press on nails. I’m impress with their products. I’m gonna be repurchasing too when I run out of them.
  • 2019-07-24
    would be nice if it came with directions on how to.....
  • 2019-07-21
    Sharon D.
    Loved this product
  • 2019-07-19
    I got this kit because I was low on polygel. and I saw they had a great selection of colors. What caught my eye was the light green blue, but all the colors are so nice to work with. This kit comes with what you need, and the clear glitter is a great touch that goes with every color of gel. This is the third kit I have gotten from this brand and I do not plan to stop!
  • 2019-07-17
    Jamie F
    Great value. Lots for add ons. Very pretty colors. Will buy again for sure
  • 2019-07-12
    regina johnson
    I loved this poly gel kit!! I’ve never used poly gel before and decided to give it a try because of the poly gel craze, it came with a variety of colors which was great and all the supplies to do a set!!! After watching a few tutorials I gave it a try and now I’m in love, I’ll definitely be ordering this again! It’s so much faster to apply than acrylic.
  • 2019-07-07
    Purchased this item and it’s the first polygel I’ve used and it did not disappoint!! Easy to use and spread. I’ve used rubbing alcohol as a solution to spread and it was fine. Will be buying again ! Cheaper then getting my nails done at the salon, it’s been almost a week and no lifting yet. Barely any smell at all, recommending to my friends!! My mother has asthma and she can not go get her nails done because of the smell so anyone who wants to feel beautiful yet unable to make it to the salon , THIS IS FOR YOU! It took me an hour and a half to do my own and considering that being my first time , that’s great.
  • 2019-07-02
    Vicky C
    This is the perfect kit for both beginners and advanced. It comes with everything you need to create beautiful nails. It’s very quick and easy to use I HIGHLY recommend. Here’s the design I created using Bright White from the kit
  • 2019-06-22
    Tylivia Blackwelder
    I Absolutely Love This Kit, It Comes With Everything You Need And Even A Free Glitter Sample.. Product Is Easy To Work With And Very Fast To Apply, 5 Stars
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