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  • 2019-08-13
    itti kapoor
    This stuff is awesome..i had never thought i could get something like this to make my hands and feets look beautiful and that too at the comfort of my home...its easy to use based on instructions and my skin feels super smooth and shiny...
  • 2019-07-24
    Sarah Veazey
    This is so budget friendly, user friendly, and has really great unique features with the LED/bluetooth option. Super cute!
  • 2019-07-16
    sylvia royall
    I have arthritis in my hands and wrists. This treatment always feels good at Physical Therapy, so I decided to try it at home. I like that the temperature is regulated so it cannot burn you. The disadvantages are it takes a while to heat up, so plan ahead. Also, each application takes a fair amount of wax so be prepared to buy more. Otherwise, feels wonderful!
  • 2019-06-25
    This is probably the best non necessary product I purchased and absolutely love it. It works so well. Easy to use and easy to clean Just need to find refills of wax and I am good to go.
  • 2019-06-21
    Got mine in the mail today and I'm over the moon in love with it. I couldn't even wait to try it so as soon as it arrived I set it up. It came with good information and instructions on how to use it so getting started was a breeze. I use my hands a lot for work so that's what I mainly wanted it for. The wax had a pleasant smell and the bluetooth speaker playing music was so cool my hands feel great after the first use now I cant wait to try on my feet. Fyi I like my wax really hot but a better setting for first time users is more like 122.
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