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ECBASKET PolyGel Nail Kit Gel Nail Extension Professional Poly Gel Kit Gel Nail Enhancement Builder System All-in-One Nail Technician French Kit

ECBASKET PolyGel Nail Kit Gel Nail Extension Professional Poly Gel Kit Gel Nail Enhancement Builder System All-in-One Nail Technician French Kit Item NO: ECG-JYJTZ-01

US$ 39.99
  • About the product
  • ★ALL-IN-ONE Polygel Kit : ECBASKET polygel nail kit includes 4*15g polygel, 1*100pcs nail forms, 1*1pcs polygel picker & brush pen, 1*8ML-base coat, 1*8ML-top coat.
  • ★Fashionable Nail Art : 2018 New Arrival & 100% Brand New ECBASKET PolyGel is more flexible than acrylic & stronger than hard UV gel & lighter than both, which is a must have for nail art lovers.
  • ★Multifunctional Nail Tools : These nail tool kit is not only good for doing polygel nails but also good for doing UV gel/acylic nails/other nail extension, so you can make a beautiful nail art design on your finger nails even toe nails.
  • ★Practical Application- This polygel nail kit is great for both professional nail specialist or nail art learner in nail salons or DIY nail art at home, wonderful gift for your wife, girlfriend, mother or sisters.
  • ★Quality Guarantee & Best Service : ECBASKET specialized in creating and selling nails product over 10 years.All the items are under RESTRICTIVE QUALITY CONTROL.We adhere to the customer first
Product Name ECBASKET PolyGel Nail Kit Gel Nail Extension Professional Poly Gel Kit Gel Nail Enhancement Builder System All-in-One Nail Technician French Kit
Weight 0.2800 kg = 0.6173 lb = 9.8767 oz
Category Nail Tools
Creation time 2018-08-30

Product Description


More flexible than acrylic & stronger than hard UV gel & lighter than both, which is a must have for nail art lovers.

Not only good for doing poly nails but also good for doing UV gel/acylic nails/other nail extension with dual forms or nail forms.

Apply nail polish or polish gel you like after doing a poly nail or Mix the gel with nail powder or micro glitter to create a different nail art.

Add nail rhinestones, nail paintings or any other nail art design you want after applying nail polish to make nail even better looking.

Apply the gel directly as an overlay to create a natural color and shine for your nails, or repair damaged or uneven nails, or protect weak nails.

Warm Tips:

1.The alcohol or pure acetone can help to pick and form the poly builder gel smoothly.Just dip the spatula or brush in 90% alcohol or 100% pure acetone before picking or form the gel.

2.Wipe with alcohol or nail cleanser on the both sides of the nail after finishing the poly nails,so the sticky layer will be removed and the nails will be more smooth and shiny.


amanda beyer

It works very well...happy with the results


Amazon Customer

Good product and cheap



I am never going to the salon again! After going to get my acrylic nails done at a salon for the last 6 years, I finally decided I could save some money by doing my own nails with Polygel. I found this kit after combing through all the other Amazon kits and decided to try it out for the price standpoint and the high number of good reviews. I'm glad I did! As soon as it came in the mail I had to try it out. Everything that was described to be in the box online was there; however, the container that holds the forms was broken but it didn't effect anything so I don't mind that much. When it came to the product itself, it is REALLY sticky. I used rubbing alcohol as my slip solution, and even with that the Polygel was sticky. However, I was still able to shape my nail on the form fairly easily, and the end result turned out amazing! Beginner friendly, cost effective, and (surprisingly) really fun to do! Hopefully the overly sticky Polygel is just user error and after a few more sets I will be used to it. If you have been eyeing Polygel, get it and get this starter kit!



I like that is what I was looking forward. The product since good. I don't like the colors are simple. If you have experience doing nails is great. But I don't. It took me 3 hours and don't look great. My was a refill, maybe that is why it was hard it.


Katie Ann

I’ve been using ECBASKET full coverage fake nails for a while, I glue them on and paint them with gel, I recently went to purchase another box of their fake nails and I seen their polygel kit so I decided to order this instead. I am not disappointed in my decision, after watching some tutorials on YouTube of how to work with polygel I couldn’t wait for mine to come. I received my kit today and the picture attached are my nails, for my first time I’m so pleased with the outcome. I will say the kit does not come with directions so these are my tips
• find the size of guards you need and line them out before you start, you want them to cover the entire nail from side to side•

•file or use the ruff side of a buffer to ruff up the nails just a little bit•

•wipe the nails off with some rubbing alcohol, I’d recommend using a paper towel over a cotton ball because you don’t want any fibers of cotton left on the nails•

•apply the base coat and cure for 60sec you need a nail lamp to use this product•

•get a little bigger than pea size of polygel on the spatula end of the tool and place it into the guard•

•Don’t try to smooth out the polygel with the brush until you dip it into some of your rubbing alcohol, this is call a “slip solution” some people use acetone but I recommend alcohol. Using a slip solution will allow the brush to slide over the polygel, without it it’s going to stick all over the brush•

•smooth out the polygel making sure it’s thinner where your cuticles will be and thicker towards the top of the nail clean up any that comes over the sides•

•you can go ahead and prepare all of the guards with the polygel it will not dry until it’s cured•

•apply the guards to your nails press lightly just enough so that the gel is adhering to your nails but not enough to where you squeeze it out the sides•

•the polygel gets very hot at first when you begin to cure so put your nail under the lamp for 1 to 2 seconds and take it out repeat this about 10 times or so until you don’t feel a stinging or a hot sensation•

•now that you’ve flash cured go ahead and cure for a full 60sec, I cured mine again for another 60sec for a total of 120 seconds•

•now you’re ready to take the guards off, just wiggle them side to side in sort of a twisting motion like you’re trying to twist the guard off, it will pop off after a few seconds•

•now you can file them to your desired length and shape, you can use a buffer and smooth over the nails if there’s anything ruff but that’s optional•

•after filing go ahead and wipe off the nails with some more alcohol to make sure no dust is on them and there’s a clean slate to apply the top coat•

•apply the top coat and cure for 60sec and you’re done!•

I used the white and dark pink for my nails!



Pretty dope! Excited to try it more, was a little more difficult than expected. Practice makes perfect!


Ernie Marquez


Shellie Briley

I really like the product, but I wouldn’t say this is for beginners. It takes some practice, and can get messy, if you’ve never worked with gel before. In the end, I really liked the look.


michelle patryas

Tubes are not full and took some practice to use properly. I actually use it to make my press ons thicker. Very time consuming.


Cherrie Dooley

This is my first time doing any kind of nail art/work myself. It will definitely take me some time to get the hang of it. But it’s very nice. Easy steps and good strong quality of gel.


Ariel white

This stuff is magic. I love this product. The dual forms are great for beginners but I just sculpt my nails using a nail forms. The clear is super clear which I love. The two pinks that come with it are very similar. I wish there was more in the bottles but the price point is still ok. I used 91% alcohol as my slip solution.



Two things to know about this product
1. You either need a nail drill or to use tips, if you don’t the underside of your nail will be a hot mess
2. Don’t try to shape the nail tip with the form, the gel squishes all over as soon as you stick it to your nail and the shape you formed is completely gone

This is my first time using a product like this, I was very skeptical but I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. It’s not easy to use, watch a lot of YouTube videos so you know exactly what you’re doing, but it you are moderately adept (as I am) at doing your own nails you should be able to get the hang of it.



Nails may be a bit big for the nail bed, all depending who the nails are for.



LOVE LOVE LOVE this nail product. So easy to use for first time users. My nails look so good. I’m very happy I decided to purchase the poly gel nail product. It was very easy to apply by myself and especially for having never tried this product before. One thing I will critique is how difficult the poly gel is to spread over the nail mold. I read some other reviews and used acetone to make it a little more easier to apply and that made all the difference. Having an LED nail light also helped dry them faster. I would say you need to dry them at least twice to really get the full effect otherwise your undernail will be a little sticky. Other than that the poly gel is a GREAT starter kit if you’re tired of paying $50 every 2 weeks for the salon. You’ll be very happy you bought it. I love how natural my nails look. I almost didn’t even polish them because the natural look of the poly gel was absolutely flawless.


Amber Rodocker

If you are new or still a beginner when it comes to working with poly gel this is the perfect kit to learn. It comes with everything you need. Watch YouTube videos to get a better understanding of how it works, instructions in packaging are very vague


Manda Max Power

This is my first time using it. There is deff a learning curve but it is soooo easy once you get the hang of it! They turned out so pretty! Even on the first time using it!! I don’t know how long they’ll last or stAy looking at this good! But for the price I would totally do this again for an event at the very least!


Alda G.

I liked it .. very easy to use, and the colors are beautiful.


Ms Lilly

Comes out super thick, a canister may be better than tube for ease of dispensing. Process is easy once I figured the right amount of product to use for each finger.



I read reviews saying that it was sticky, so I bought the liquid to keep it from sticking. 100% reccomend using the liquid


daniel barragan

Love this poly gel! Definitely has a learning curve, but the potential is amazing!
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