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EJB-01 EJB-06 EJB-08 Nail Stamping plates

EJB-01 EJB-06 EJB-08 Nail Stamping plates Item NO: G-EJ3-03

US$ 5.99
EJB-01 EJB-06 EJB-08 Full set+1pcs stamper+1pcs scraper
  • About the product
  • **Perfect combination With Stamping Plates & Nail Stamper** :This nail stamping kit has 3 stamping Plates and 1 nail stamper (Random Colors)& nail scraper, variety of nail templates, more designs, you can choose any nail plates to make good nail design with stamper what you want!!!
  • **Double-sided Design & NO More Lining Up Issues** :All the nail stamp are Double-sided design, Lesser Spaces, Etched deep enough to hold enough polish for a beautiful opaque stamping nail art result, Sandy Edges, No hurting; White Nail Art Stamper, super easy to hit the desired location on your nails & save polish thanks to accurate stamping;
  • **Video Support & Fast Shipping** :Tutorial vedio link will be emailed for you within 3 days of purchasing your Ejiubas Nail art stamping kit , and we will send out your parcel via FBA, Just need 2-5 days normally;
  • **Lasting & Easy To Use** :Quality guarantee, High Quality Stainless Steel with High Polishing Finish; Durable&Sturdy Enough, NO Bend; you can get creative with y
Product Name EJB-01 EJB-06 EJB-08 Nail Stamping plates
Item NO G-EJ3-03
Weight 0.2100 kg = 0.4630 lb = 7.4075 oz
Category Nail Stamping Plates
Brand Ejiubas
Creation time 2018-08-23

About Ejiubas Nail stamping plates 

- Unique Double-sided design, Less Spece, More Images;
- Special Images designed with Bloggers and Ejiubas Designer team;
- Suitable Size,easy to handle and carry, every plates has a protective blue film;
- Easy To Use - Moderate Depth To Stamp, etched deep enough to hold enough polish.
   Easy to use for both beginners and experienced nail artists;
- Material: High quality Stainless Steel

About Ejiubas Nail stamper 

-Sandy scraper, thin but firm and comfortable for holding, easy to scrape the exceed polish from plates
-Material: soft silicone stamper & plastic handle;
-Note: Don't use 100% acetone and nail polish removers or shark tools to clean this stamper head. Just use a lint roller or tape to remove residual nail polish after each uses

Package Contents:
-3 Pcs Stamping Plates
-1 nail stamper (Random color)
-1 scraper


Beckee W

The stamper and plates are good quality. It's easy to use and the results are great. I love the clear rubber stamper as it makes it much easier to see where/how the design is going to stamp onto your nail.


C. Mack

My 14 yr old daughter loves this stamping kit. She can create wonderful designs that look like stickers but are not! She's a beginner and learned how to use the kit very quickly. I highly recommend.


Amber Pink

This kit is awesome. It is absolutely amazing for beginners. This is a set of nails I've done.



After watching tons of videos of people using these, I finally got this set for my birthday! I used it for the first time today and I loved it! It was super easy and looks fantastic! My only suggestion is to not clean the stamper with nail polish remover and you will want a liquid barrier of some sort so the design doesn't transfer to your fingers as well as the nails. Trust me on this. I tried it without the barrier on my first hand (I forgot to put it on) and used it on my second hand. Much easier to use! All in all, I would highly suggest this set!!!


Carmella buswa

I loved this stamper worked amazing. Only thing is the Images are a bit small for my nails. I like my nails long.



They were easy to use and worked well! I did buy stamping polish. I recommend. Looking forward to buying some more designs!



The plates are amazing! Transfers clearly. However, small pieces of the stamper breaks off after every stamp. After finishing both hands, the stamper is basically half gone. Very poor quality stamper. Only good thing from this are the plates.
Update: I was sent new stampers that work very well and are a lot more high quality than the ones before. I think the stamper I originally got was a dud. Customer service was great, got the situation fixed.



It takes a few practice runs to get the roll and apply technique down, but once I did I became addicted! I really like to stamp for easy fast nail art it’s the best. It doesn’t work for gel polish, but I just use regular polish for the stamping, let it dry, and seal it with a gel topcoat when I wanna use stamping for a gel manicure which is almost always. Works just fine !



Got this set for my 11 year old daughter and she absolutely loves it. Easy application with salon quality results. Pretty cool product!



I like it for what it is, it is easy to use once you try it a few times. I would like to eventually try it with my gel colors.


G. J. Gaspari

First time stamping and this is a great set to start with. The stamper is clear for positioning and has good squishiness. The plates have a nice variety of designs. I found the set easy to use; I did watch some YouTube tutorials first. Definitely recommend.


Amazon Customer

Great value, I did have to prime the stamper but looked up YouTube video on how to do it and now it works great



This works really well. Glad I bought it


The Brewers

I love Ejiubas stamping plates and this set is no different. It’s such a great variety of images. They pick up well and the plate cleans super easily. And soo affordable. You can even use them to stamp on your toes like I did.


Chelsea Cochran

Used unicorn stamping polish with it, no issues.


Heather Greenly

I just LOVE these stamping plates! Not only are they super easy to use because pickup on them is always 100% accurate, clean and crisp, but you get so many unique images. Full nail and accent pieces! AND they're double sided!!!
They keep releasing more, I'll keep buying them!


Chelsey Juarez

Very cute, very easy to use, many styles for the money. It's a little difficult to clean out but they do work well.


Amy C.

The variety of images on these plates is what first caught my eye. There are 3 double-sided plates. It’s pretty cool that the plates are etched on both sides because it allows for more variety. I do a lot of nail art, and I had no problem using these plates and stamper. The stamper picked the images up beautifully.

These would be great for a beginner to start a collection or for the nail enthusiast looking for unique plates to expand their collection.

If you are looking for quality plates at a great price, I highly recommend these plates from Ejuibas.


Amrigumi Fan

Well etched stamping plate with versitile designs. Great value for your dollar as the plate is double sided. Cleans easily, and great pick on stamper heads.


Maria Andrea Alberro Barrotti


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