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Ejiubas 24 Pcs Black Matte with Glossy Finish Full Cover Talone Medium False Nail Tips

Ejiubas 24 Pcs Black Matte with Glossy Finish Full Cover Talone Medium False Nail Tips Item NO: SABG1-6

US$ 8.99

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Product Name Ejiubas 24 Pcs Black Matte with Glossy Finish Full Cover Talone Medium False Nail Tips
Item NO SABG1-6
Weight 0.0520 kg = 0.1146 lb = 1.8342 oz
Category Fake Nails > Full Cover
Brand Ejiubas
Creation time 2018-08-28

Product description


Please Note: 
1.There maybe a little color difference due to the monitor and the light effect
2.Not all glues will work for everyone since people have different nails and PH.If the glue in the package does not work for you,maybe you can get a glue from a drug store or beauty supply. 

(1)Package:24 pcs false nail tips & 1 pcs glue for free 
(2)Net weight: 0.04 KG 
(3)Material :ABS 
(4)Size Info.:(length*width)(please allow 0.01 Inch defference) 
NO.0: 0.95 * 0.55 Inch
NO.1: 0.95 * 0.47 Inch
NO.2: 0.945 * 0.47 Inch
NO.3: 0.47 * 0.44 Inch
NO.4: 0.905 * 0.47 Inch
NO.5: 0.83 * 0.40 Inch
NO.5.5:0.85 * 0.40 Inch
NO.6: 0.83 * 0.36 Inch
NO.6.5:0.8 * 0.35 Inch
NO.7: 0.79 * 0.393 Inch
NO.8: 0.79 * 0.354 Inch
NO.9: 0.79 * 0.315 Inch 

A must for yourself
You can add nail art decorations on the nails and design your own style and pattern.Perfect for wedding,party,dating or outdoor, also best gift for friends. 

1.File the sides and cuticle area for an accurate fit with manicure stick;
2.Clean nails of any polish oil with acetone-based polish remover;
3.Select the correct size nails for each finger;
4.Apply glue to nails;
5.Apply thin layer of glue to natural nails;
6.Starting at cuticle, press on & hold for 5 seconds;
7.File and shape your new nails if needed.

Remove Tips:
Put your nails in warm water for 2 minutes and nail sticker can be removed easier. 
Do not remove it abruptly and it may cause harm to your nail surface.


Jan van Eyck

Wore these for Halloween and was worried they would come off or break - NOPE. The glue these came with kept them in place for 8+ hours without any sign of weakening. In fact, it was pretty difficult to get these off when I wanted to. I had to soak each finger for 3+ rounds of 30 seconds each in nail polish remover to even start to pry these away. The matte finish + glossy tip is stylish and worked well for my costume, but these are nice enough to wear day to day if you can handle long pointy nails (I can't). Really happy with this nail set.


Amazon Customer

These were great and lasted a full week. The nails aren't very thick and my thumbs were misshaped/bent after a few days. Great product for the price!


Renea Brown

These made me feel so devilish during Halloween. I might order another pair because even my friends and husband told me “WOW those are wicked!!” They were. They made me sassy. Thank you so much for these nails for the price. Worth it!



Worked almost too well. Had a hard time getting them off. LOL. I ordered these for Halloween. The quality was great. Everyone thought I paid to go have my nails done just for my costume. Plenty of glue, Plenty of different sizes. The matte black with the shiny tip is really nice.



I wore these full-length for Halloween and they looked perfect! Super easy to apply and stayed on much better than I expected. So well, in fact, that I couldn't take them off as I'd planned and wound up trimming and filing them to a more sport length so I could function. They still look great days later even after some weightlifting sessions, many washed dishes, and setting up/taking down a booth for a craft fair. WELL worth the money! Great product, very pleased.



Perfect. Easy. Lasts for 3 days before nails fall off. Great for Halloween temp costume nails



Really great quality press ons, they look gorgeous on the nails!! The glue they come with isn't particularly long lasting so I'd recommend using your own nail glue, I got mine off Amazon. Aside from that, the nails feel fairly sturdy and comfortable to wear and I'm very happy them.



The nails looked amazing. I cannot think of one thing to complain about - other than being stupid and using the glue it came with. Did they come loose, you ask? No, this glue should have its own patent. For science.

Here are just a handful of uses for the glue in case you don’t feel like wasting it:

1. Your car’s rear view mirror fell off, and you need to permanently re-adhere it.

2. You want to re-enact the commercial where you glue your hat to a sky scraper beam, and hang from it.

3. You can’t find nails to hang the 100lb museaum-framed photo you have of your above mentioned adventure.

4. You don’t want you car to blow away in a hurricane. Just note that you’ll need new tires. And probably a new driveway.

5. NASA needs glue to add something to the exterior of the International Space Station.


Skye Sirios

These are awesome! I thought they were stick on nails, so I was surprised when I got them and they were glue ones... I am hoping they don't tarnish my natural nails too much. They were super easy to put on and file. I get compliments on them constantly and when I tell people they were $8 on amazon they are astonished. Also perfect for Halloween :)



Didn't want them on for more than one night. Having said that, they did stay on the entire time.


Lillian Rae

I know these glue on nails are supposed to be single use, but with the right care you can reglue a couple of times before they’re unable to seal correctly. Loved using them for my Catra cosplay. Instagram is Ladymana.cos if there’s anymore Catra related specific questions to go with these nails.



I'm not good with glue ons. Very cute tho



I purchased these nails two years ago. Yes, I know I’m super late lol. I purchased them to use for a photoshoot I was doing which required a quick manicure and these nails were perfect for the vibe of the shoot. Easy to apply, arrived nicely packaged, and no damage. It came with glue but I always purchase my own (gorilla glue is also an alternative since its basically the same thing). Lasts well over 2 weeks which is awesome! Will purchase again!


Alexis Bogo

Great buy





Katrina Vollmer

They’re great quality, they don’t feel cheap at all. They’re quite long, I usually wear shorter nails, so they took a bit of getting used to.


nidia cabrera

Love them.. easy to use



This is my 3rd time buying these because of how great they are- they last for more than a week, they look better than most, easy to file down, and theyre so cheap



The nails are perfect for a couple days worth of wear. I usually get them for weddings or other big events. They look like they are professionally done.



Not too sharp and the matte is awesome. I plan to buy more.
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