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Ejiubas 24 Pcs Sculpting Clay Tools Pottery Sculpture Stylus Tools Ceramic Modeling Tool Set for Both Beginners Professional Art Crafts Gift Set

Ejiubas 24 Pcs Sculpting Clay Tools Pottery Sculpture Stylus Tools Ceramic Modeling Tool Set for Both Beginners Professional Art Crafts Gift Set Item NO: G-EJ4-09

US$ 13.99
  • Contains the 24 most essential tools for potters, all-in-one pottery/clay/ceramic tool kit
  • All-purpose--Excellent for Clay, Nails, Art projects,Sculpture,Plasticine,Fondant and Cake decorating
  • High Quality,Clean Easily--Soft rubber tips, the paint on the wooden handles will not easily flake off and contaminate the clay or other projects
  • Lightweight, smooth and comfortable to hold, make your job much easier
  • Quick ship & 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.
Product Name Ejiubas 24 Pcs Sculpting Clay Tools Pottery Sculpture Stylus Tools Ceramic Modeling Tool Set for Both Beginners Professional Art Crafts Gift Set
Item NO G-EJ4-09
Weight 0.2000 kg = 0.4409 lb = 7.0548 oz
Category Nail Tools
Brand Ejiubas
Creation time 2018-08-28

Color:24 Pcs Tool Set

- Total 24 Pieces different clay tools, good for variety of carving shapes for more flexibility designs. 
- Lightweight & comfortable construction make your design much easier. 
- High quality design for a long-lasting use, easy to clean and storage.
- Perfect for carving, sculpting, shaping, modeling, cutting, scraping, brushing, smoothing, cleaning and so on inthe clay crafts producing process. 
- Suitable for Beginners and Experts. 
Package Include:
- 24 PCS Pottery and Sculpting Tools Set 
Using Tips:
(1) Loop tool for removing clay 
(2) Ribbon tool for cutting, slicing and shaping 
(3) Needle tool to cut clay strips or holes, make designs or place objects 
(4) Potters rib for shaping and smoothing 
(5) Modeling tool for cutting, smoothing, contouring and decorating 
(6) Smooth scraper for shaping and trimming 
(7) Sponge 
(8) Wire clay cutter for slicing clay or trimming pots and other objects
(9) Dotting Head: #1.5,#2.0,#2.5,#3.0 and one long sharp head
Can be used for creating dots,pill dots into petal shapes,decorate nails,cell phone's case,glasses, made card,body art
(10)Silicone head: Angle Chisel, Cup Round, Cup Chisel, Flat Chisel, Taper Point
Can be used for smoothing out scuffs on the clay, molding soft clay, blending and moving color around,fondant, cake decorating,fine detail,touch-up work and remove the fingerprints doll clay,polymer clay texturing and making holes,smooth lines in clay or emboss on soft metal or paper 


a. n.

I accidentally bought two sets, one set had the brownish-red handles glued very poorly and came apart. Not horrible, but not what I want to experience when I'm buying something. The other set hand the brownish-red handles glued on well. So it's the luck of the draw. The good thing about the handles coming apart is that I might seal them, bc I can tell that once I clean those handles the brown-red paint will be all over everything. the ball-ended tools are metal and rubber. The periwinkle handled tools with the clear-white silicon tips are also painted wood, so just be prepared to have that come off once they get wet or when cleaning them. Be that as it may, this flawed set is decent, just know you will have to do some fixing up. Way cheaper than what some art supply stores sell. You get what you pay for.



the head fell off a few of the wooden ones, but these were pretty cheap for what i got. the plastic and metal ones were worth 8.99 alone in my opinion. i use them more anyway. i let the kids use the ones with the wooden handles.


Heleman Martinez

I'm really happy with these tools and considering what I paid for them I think they're great and I would definitely buy them again. The ball tools are heavy and smooth and appear to be solid construction. I'm happy with the firmness of the silicone rubber on the blenders/rubber brushes. I'd bought some similar ones from my local Michael's and was disappointed over how flimsy they were. The Michael's rubber blenders couldn't push dust around, let alone the hard clay—like polymer or monster clay—that I use. These, however, are much more effective.
The one downside (and the reason I took away a star) is that as soon as I started using them the ferrule on a couple of the rubber brushes came off their handles... But, I didn't panic since I've bought a lot of cheap brushes in my day and this is easily solved with a little super glue. In a pinch, these are more than perfect and good quality for the money.


Christina F.

He loves these tools


Jessica R

They are nice and stiff yet soft and malleable


Anthony Lewis

Great tool set for when I'm working with baking clay. I'm a beginner so the tools work great for smoothing and manipulate clay especially when the clay gets warm and soft.


Lauren W.

Just received my 5 piece set in today and so far I’m very pleased. After reading a few other reviews I did a bit of testing before writing this and they all seem very sturdy. No tips fell out and only one tool was a bit wobbly on the thinner end where the metal bit that holds the rubber tips connects with the wood. It’s just a touch loose on one tool but isn’t coming off. When it does though, it’s nothing a touch of glue won’t fix.
Overall happy with the product.


Amazon Customer

Sturdy little set with lots of variety


Rosa M. Terrones

Great tools, great for the money, exactly what expected.


Carol Buczek

Great tools. They were a gift for granddaughter and she loved them. I'm fact I plan to order myself three same set


K. K. Schmidt

Items were carefully packed, have their own roll up carry bag, and were of much better quality than I expected. Very happy with purchase.



The rubber/ silicone ends can pop out slowly over time as you use them.
I had to cut the bottom a little bit just to get it to fit back in.
But that only happened with one of them, and overall, I really pleased with the products.




Amazon Customer

I use this set for painting dot mandalas and it works great!


Kyle McGrath

Good quality and value


Pen Name

Love these!!!


C. Heisten

I use these for polymer clay and love the little silicone ends especially. They are a nice set and have a good amount of variety in shape. I like them a lot.


Solveig Robin

Works really well :) 10/10


Rosalind Turner Feemster

Love these


Rachel m

Great product, very happy with my purchase
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