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Ejiubas Clay Sculpting Tools Polymer Stylus Tool Set, 5 X 2 Way Dotting Tool Modeling Clay 5 Pcs Rubber Brushes Wipe Out Tool Pottery Supplies Ceramics Tool Kit, 10Pcs

Ejiubas Clay Sculpting Tools Polymer Stylus Tool Set, 5 X 2 Way Dotting Tool Modeling Clay 5 Pcs Rubber Brushes Wipe Out Tool Pottery Supplies Ceramics Tool Kit, 10Pcs Item NO: G-EJ4-07

US$ 8.99

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  • 【Wonderful Combination Of Two Polymer Clay Rubber Tools Set】10 Pieces,15 Different ways to make various craft projects. 5 Pieces 2 Way Total 10 Different DIY ceramic clay indentation tool, Each tool features for SPACE SAVING and Utilization;
  • 【Different Tip Size & Fleible Tip】There are two sizes of the Ceramics Tool Kit;Smaller Size,make it easy to get small details and reach corners; Bigger Size, make it easy to paint large area quickly; Less Weight,easy to handle with in your hand; Very flexible tips almost as good as your own finger but you can get into tiny areas. The tips are so soft and flexible but offer decent resistance, and would shape clay effectively;
  • 【Versatile Shaping Set】These color shapers are excellent for blending for art, such as colored pencils, clay projects, soft pastels, oil painting, masking fluid, sculpting, Pan Pastel, charcoal, graphite, etc;
  • 【Easy Clean & Quality guarantee】Delicate design, Soft rubber tips head, the pen tip is made of silicone; Straight and angular dotting balls for
Product Name Ejiubas Clay Sculpting Tools Polymer Stylus Tool Set, 5 X 2 Way Dotting Tool Modeling Clay 5 Pcs Rubber Brushes Wipe Out Tool Pottery Supplies Ceramics Tool Kit, 10Pcs
Item NO G-EJ4-07
Weight 0.2000 kg = 0.4409 lb = 7.0548 oz
Category Nail Tools > Cuticle Trimmer/Pens
Brand Ejiubas
Creation time 2018-08-28



These are wonderful. I used these tools to create ceramic puppet sculpture pieces. They are sturdy, easy to use, and feel good in your hand. I ended up using the steel ball tools the most but i could see uses for the other tools in future projects.


Not Giorno Giovanna

this set is good for beginners


Sandra marena



Jamie Taperek

Perfect products good price.



Isn’t built the best. The rubber heads detached within the first use. Nothing glue can’t solve, but not too happy.
Other than that, you get a good variety of sizes for this price.



Me gusta el material


Vanessa Weiss

I would love to give this 5 stars because I love these tools but the large rubber tools are quite loose and I will need to re glue the tips into a few of them. But other than that I love these they work really well and they do the job.


James Irvin

Upon opening the box I immediately started trying these tools out on both Milliput and GreenStuff. They do really well. The silicone is soft so green stuff requires a lot more attention but the Milliput was enjoyable to work with. The metal parts were best with the green stuff and using the softer tips to smith and blend.

My only complaint is, just like paint brushes, the metal holder was not adhered well and I had to super glue it after a couple of hours. Not worth it to complain because that happen to most paint brushes I use. Great product!


Cindy with Cobalt Moon Jewelry

I got these a while back and have been using them for sculpting so I could write my honest review.
They are fantastic! I have a set of the firm black color shapers you can get in the Hobby Lobby or Michaels craft stores, but for my miniature Polymer clay sculpts, I find that these smaller firm color shapers work so much better for me. It took me a while to find them, but now that I have.. I will never use anything else.
From what I gather, you can also use this to move paint around on canvas? I'm not a painter, but I can see how that can be possible.

They have a ball stylus at the opposite end and that eliminates the need to search for tools.. just get a set of these and you've got most of your work cut out for you!

The only drawback with these, is when I have clay on your hands, the shaft of these shapers are magnets for clay. I found that my color shapers got a light coating of Polymer clay or Epoxy clay on them pretty quickly. But I'm not trying to keep pristine tools in my clay room.. so that doesn't bother me too much.


Alan H.

Bought these to use with clay. They are great.



I don't like how the wood handles paint bleefsvoff onto my hands. Also have had to put the heads back on a couple of them already. The great part is the rest of the set is awesome.


haley perry

I’m a beginner in sculpting and this is a very good starter set. The nibs of the larger tools came off as soon as I used them but it was easily fixed with some super glue. Overall the tools were great.


Cyn N.

I love using these when making projects that require lots of smoothing and detail work.


Michael Pantelios

I was surprised with the quality of these tools considering how cheap they are


a. n.

I accidentally bought two sets, one set had the brownish-red handles glued very poorly and came apart. Not horrible, but not what I want to experience when I'm buying something. The other set hand the brownish-red handles glued on well. So it's the luck of the draw. The good thing about the handles coming apart is that I might seal them, bc I can tell that once I clean those handles the brown-red paint will be all over everything. the ball-ended tools are metal and rubber. The periwinkle handled tools with the clear-white silicon tips are also painted wood, so just be prepared to have that come off once they get wet or when cleaning them. Be that as it may, this flawed set is decent, just know you will have to do some fixing up. Way cheaper than what some art supply stores sell. You get what you pay for.



the head fell off a few of the wooden ones, but these were pretty cheap for what i got. the plastic and metal ones were worth 8.99 alone in my opinion. i use them more anyway. i let the kids use the ones with the wooden handles.


Heleman Martinez

I'm really happy with these tools and considering what I paid for them I think they're great and I would definitely buy them again. The ball tools are heavy and smooth and appear to be solid construction. I'm happy with the firmness of the silicone rubber on the blenders/rubber brushes. I'd bought some similar ones from my local Michael's and was disappointed over how flimsy they were. The Michael's rubber blenders couldn't push dust around, let alone the hard clay—like polymer or monster clay—that I use. These, however, are much more effective.
The one downside (and the reason I took away a star) is that as soon as I started using them the ferrule on a couple of the rubber brushes came off their handles... But, I didn't panic since I've bought a lot of cheap brushes in my day and this is easily solved with a little super glue. In a pinch, these are more than perfect and good quality for the money.


Christina F.

He loves these tools


Jessica R

They are nice and stiff yet soft and malleable


Anthony Lewis

Great tool set for when I'm working with baking clay. I'm a beginner so the tools work great for smoothing and manipulate clay especially when the clay gets warm and soft.
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