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Ejiubas Newest Arrival 24 Pcs Flesh Color Matte with glossy Finish Full Cover Talone Medium False Nail Tips (Grey)

Ejiubas Newest Arrival 24 Pcs Flesh Color Matte with glossy Finish Full Cover Talone Medium False Nail Tips (Grey) Item NO: SABG1-5

US$ 8.99
Product Name Ejiubas Newest Arrival 24 Pcs Flesh Color Matte with glossy Finish Full Cover Talone Medium False Nail Tips (Grey)
Item NO SABG1-5
Weight 0.0500 kg = 0.1102 lb = 1.7637 oz
Category Fake Nails > Full Cover
Brand Ejiubas
Creation time 2018-08-28

Product description


Please Note: 
1.There maybe a little color difference due to the monitor and the light effect£» 
2.Not all glues will work for everyone since people have different nails and PH.If the glue in the package does not work for you,maybe you can get a glue from a drug store or beauty supply. 

(1)Package:24 pcs false nail tips & 1 pcs glue for free 
(2)Net weight: 0.04 KG 
(3)Material :ABS 
(4)Size Info.:(length*width)(please allow 0.01 Inch defference) 
NO.0: 0.95 * 0.55 Inch
NO.1: 0.95 * 0.47 Inch
NO.2: 0.945 * 0.47 Inch
NO.3: 0.47 * 0.44 Inch
NO.4: 0.905 * 0.47 Inch
NO.5: 0.83 * 0.40 Inch
NO.5.5:0.85 * 0.40 Inch
NO.6: 0.83 * 0.36 Inch
NO.6.5:0.8 * 0.35 Inch
NO.7: 0.79 * 0.393 Inch
NO.8: 0.79 * 0.354 Inch
NO.9: 0.79 * 0.315 Inch 

A must for yourself
You can add nail art decorations on the nails and design your own style and pattern.Perfect for wedding,party,dating or outdoor, also best gift for friends. 

1.File the sides and cuticle area for an accurate fit with manicure stick;
2.Clean nails of any polish oil with acetone-based polish remover;
3.Select the correct size nails for each finger;
4.Apply glue to nails;
5.Apply thin layer of glue to natural nails;
6.Starting at cuticle, press on & hold for 5 seconds;
7.File and shape your new nails if needed.

Remove Tips:
Put your nails in warm water for 2 minutes and nail sticker can be removed easier. 
Do not remove it abruptly and it may cause harm to your nail surface.



I purchased these nails two years ago. Yes, I know I’m super late lol. I purchased them to use for a photoshoot I was doing which required a quick manicure and these nails were perfect for the vibe of the shoot. Easy to apply, arrived nicely packaged, and no damage. It came with glue but I always purchase my own (gorilla glue is also an alternative since its basically the same thing). Lasts well over 2 weeks which is awesome! Will purchase again!


Alexis Bogo

Great buy





Katrina Vollmer

They’re great quality, they don’t feel cheap at all. They’re quite long, I usually wear shorter nails, so they took a bit of getting used to.


nidia cabrera

Love them.. easy to use



This is my 3rd time buying these because of how great they are- they last for more than a week, they look better than most, easy to file down, and theyre so cheap



The nails are perfect for a couple days worth of wear. I usually get them for weddings or other big events. They look like they are professionally done.



Not too sharp and the matte is awesome. I plan to buy more.


Amazon Customer

I am very satisfied with the quality of these nails, they are strong and the lenght for me was perfect. I usually use the Kiss brand but they end up bending and chipping but these are much stronger. I will definitely be purchasing more.



Be aware you will have to sort out which sizes will match your nail shapes as they include customizable options in the kit. Some reviews say they are mismatched but this wasn't the case for me. They are all matching sets but you need to take care in sorting them according to your best fit. Additionally, you will likely need to clip and file them down to your desired length. After you prep all you need to do is glue, press, and done. The glue included in the kit worked for me very well and these nails look like a $50 manicure! I type on a keyboard all day and they have lasted me a week so far of daily wear. A couple nails have fallen off but I just didn't use enough glue to start. You don't have a lot to lose for the price point.



These nails are great! However they are thin, with the right glue these can be reused and still look good.



I've never worn stiletto nail before, but it gave me the right amount of edge I was looking for. Be careful of oils, since the nails have a matte finish be mindful of what you touch. Carry some alcohol wipes or sanitizer with you to clean them.


Maggie Kelly

I like how they look, the price, the poor english on the package, and how it came with glue. The quality isn't the best though, as sometimes the numbers on the inside aren't legible/there, and it appears that you don't get extras of the same size or anything.


alize hassan

these are the first press-ons i actually liked on amazon rlly rec for the price



I bought these for the shape alone I didn’t even realize that it was a matte nail with gloss tip til I received them, I do think it looks costume-y as it but again I bought it for the shape and decorated them myself


Debra M. Comstock

I love, love, love the nails! However, the glue is very weak. My nails kept popping off immediately. I switched to the Static Nails glue and now they’re perfect!



Got these because another set I got was terrible but lucked out with these as they fit right and look nice.


Arran M. Walker

These worked great for cosplay of “demon form” Sebastian Michaelis (from Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji). Also did that costume for Halloween 2016 and got 2nd place in the contest at work!



I used these nails as a part of my Punk Bowsette cosplay. They held very well for 3 days (I took them off on my own because I couldn't have them on at work) I was able to wash my hands, hair, etc multiple times with no issues. They're very comfy and the glue included was better than other nail glue's I've used in the past but it is very fast acting, so make sure you're ready to apply asap!

Definitely can get several uses out of these. My friends thought that I had them professionally done, haha!


Patricia S.

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