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Nail Drill Machine 30000 rpm - Ejiubas Rechargeable Nail Drills-White color

Nail Drill Machine 30000 rpm - Ejiubas Rechargeable Nail Drills-White color Item NO: GEJ-DMJ03

US$ 62.99
Black White
  • About the product
  • CE Certificate High-Speed bearings;Speed adjustable from 0-30000 RPM:(MIN to Max);Clear digital speed display,easy speed control,more precise nail grinding without any hurt
  • Rechargeable & portable,quick charge 2 hours fully and lasts 10-hour operation time. No need to be plugged in the outlet when it under operation; Portable and lightweight with jacket hook
  • Comes with 6pcs professional grinding head for convenient replacements, also works with all kinds of 2/32 shank bits.Twist-lock handpiece for quick drill bits replacement
  • Upgraded handpiece, low vibration for smooth and quiet operation
  • Easy to switch rotate direction by click the FWD-Forward REV-Reverse button
Product Name Nail Drill Machine 30000 rpm - Ejiubas Rechargeable Nail Drills-White color
Weight 1.0000 kg = 2.2046 lb = 35.2740 oz
Category Nail Tools
Brand Ejiubas
Creation time 2019-05-03




Very slim, easy to use


Giovanna vera

I love it, is so easy to use for my nails



My nails was too tick n so I Wanted to get IT a bit thiner so this is the right product



Great product noise free easy to use. It is very light weight. I would recommend this product to friends.


Latoya Shelby

I like this drill.. Very quiet & low vibration



Bought this as a gift for my wife. She did research and picked this one. Her last one overheated and quit working. This one seems like it’s going to run for a while. It’s cool that it has a battery, but I’m sure that effects the power it has available. The battery is pretty lightweight, the drill itself is a little large in the hand, but it does the job for a reasonable price.



I am really impressed with this rechargeable drill. Previously, I was using one of those cheap hot pink corded drills that you can find all over the internet for under $20. It worked OK, but this WAY better!!! So much smoother and quieter ... and you can control the speed so much better. Also, the ability to change the rotation direction to go forward or backward is extremely helpful. But what I really love about this is that now I can take this outside and sit on my back patio to file/drill my nails and not have all that nasty dust floating around and getting all over everything in my house. So glad I got this. A true game changer! Oh, one thing ... you'll want to invest in some high quality drill bits. The ones that come with the drill really aren't all that useful. But I didn't buy the drill for the bits since I already have some really nice ones so that didn't really bother me. Highly recommend.



This is a very good nail drill, portable with rechargeable battery. Great for all you manicure needs. I used this for acrylics and highly recommend this drill.



This nail drill is great. It is very light weight. It doesn't make a lot of noise and doesn't vibrate a whole lot. When I used it to file down acrylic and gel nails it didn't stop when pressure was applied. I must say this nail drill is worth the money whether you are just using it at home or using it professionally. I would definitely purchase again.


Velvet Marmoset

I was shocked by how effective this was and how long the charge lasted. I think I prefer it to my small plug-in drill. I was able to do all my cuticles and basic shaping with the charge it arrived with straight out of the box, and I still had 2 bars left!

It has a forward and reverse switch on the side, and a speed dial that moves it through discrete speeds from level 5 through 30 — 30 is faster than I need as a home user.

It’s easy to lock and unlock the collet to hold and remove bits — there are lock and unlock symbols you simply twist into place, no guess work on how tightly to twist.

It comes with an interesting selection of bits, only three of which I see myself using but I’m interested to look up what the others might do!

It charges easily, it’s currently charging so I can’t tell you how long it takes. It’s important to follow the instructions when it says not to leave it plugged in too long — overcharging kills batteries something fierce.

I’ve included photos showing all the items in the box and some close ups of features I discussed.

I really didn’t consider how useful it is not to be tethered to a wall outlet until I got this! I can chill on the couch and gently whir away my rough cuticles and shape my nails now.

The stand I got is a matte grey instead of the shiny purple shown but that really doesn’t matter at all to me. This is a great drill for a good price.
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