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Nail Drills for Acrylic Nails Ejiubas Electric Nail File Portable Nail Drill Electronic Nail Polisher Machine

Nail Drills for Acrylic Nails Ejiubas Electric Nail File Portable Nail Drill Electronic Nail Polisher Machine Item NO: GEJ-DMJ01

US$ 28.99

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  • About the product
  • 【Multifunctional】Ejiubas electric manicure set designed with 6 drill bits and 6 nylon wheels (also works with all kinds of 3/32” shank bits & 3 different grits, 2 for each grits) is the ultimate multifunctional tool for carving, polishing,shaping, engraving, cutting, mold grinding, sharpening, sanding, polishing,removing calluses, and perfect for pet nail sanding.Professional for both home and salon use.
  • 【Easy Operation & Speed Adjustable】The power line has the button of FWD-Forward REV-Reverse function to change direction, you can switch the drill rotating direction by pushing the button into different directions(To turn on the drill, please just switch the button on the middle part).With an adjustable speed control from 0-20000rpm, it’s both easier and safer for you to polish your nails, especially delicate areas and rough calluses.
  • 【Efficient Heat Dissipation & Last long lifetime & Quiet & Smooth Operation】: MiroPure electric manicure set has an aluminum body which can contribute to h
Product Name Nail Drills for Acrylic Nails Ejiubas Electric Nail File Portable Nail Drill Electronic Nail Polisher Machine
Weight 0.3200 kg = 0.7055 lb = 11.2877 oz
Category Nail Tools > Nail Drill & Bits
Brand Ejiubas
Creation time 2018-10-07

#A: Nail drill bits with 3/32" shank size to fit most professional electric drills.

#B: Clockwise and anti-clockwise rotation is flexible for filing both left and right hands.

#C: 6 types drill and 6 nylon wheels makes the nail drill muilt-function and suilt for both fingernails and toenails.

#D: Easy to operate and change drill without tools. Mini portable handpiece, easy to carry, bring you a beauty life anywhere you want.

#E: This Pen-shape Nail Art File/Carver is used for carving, engraving, routing, grinding, sharpening, sanding, polishing, drilling etc.


Yvonne Coyle

I love my nail art drill. I am having so much fun learning how to use it.my daughter open the package and loved it so I think I'll get another one for her this Christmas. It's Mall, lightweight, and really easy to use. You can adjust the speed and the wire is sufficient for my needs. Go ahead and get one you'll enjoy it.


becky espinoza

It is so convenient having this around it removes gel and dip.


Michelle Chapman

This drill is very pretty. I got the rose gold color. It comes with everything in the description. I got it in 2 days. I tested the drill to take off gel polish. It did a great job. I used the bits and sanding bands provided with the drill. I was able to move the polish from my acrylic on the lowest speed. I can say this drill is powerful but it was gentle with the correct bit to clean my cuticles. It does have the option to control speed and to reverse as well. This drill does not allow you to snap the bits in, but they fit snug without wobbling when the drill is in motion. Overall for the price, this is an excellent drill.


Crystal in AL

This nail drill is the size of a large marker. It is very easy to hold. The motor seems pretty powerful for such a small drill. If you bear down with it, it will slow a bit. It has a very small amount of vibration. I was surprised at how quiet it was too. Overall a great nail drill for someone who is just starting to do their nails with a hard gel or polygel and tired of hand filing everything. Only thing I would change is needing a longer cord. It's a little less than 5 feet but an extension cord can fix my problem.


Maricela Garcia

I love how its lightweight and small. Definitely great for manicures. Highly recommended.



I do acrygel - a combination of shellac UV cured gel with ultra-fine acrylic powder. It's taken me months to perfect the method, and I would not have managed it without this tool. The price is awesome. So - yay! And, I can get my nails really smooth without tearing them up (like many salons do). And, I can grind down and polish the acryagel so it's very thin.

ADVISE: Learn what tips to use when. The instructions are crap for that. Pinterest or another search will greatly help - before I did that I almost went all the way through my natural nail using the wrong tip. (OUCH!)

In my experience - the emery tips are good if you need to lightly rough up your nail to apply acrylic, gel, etc. BE CAREFUL! They are very effective. I could grind my dogs claws down if he'd let me.

The white tips are good for my natural nails. They feel like a 250/280 (ish) grit file. The purple edge grinder is awesome. But - it gets hot fast. Watch out.

The metal tips are great for grinding down and smoothing the acryagel. I'd imagine they'd do the same for an acrylic, gel or dip application, as well.

Other things to watch out for - like any tool like this friction gets hot. Be careful.

I kept hitting my cuticles and the skin around my nails. First use I had bandaids on 9 fingers. It was all my fault - inexperienced user error.

I'll come back and add photos when I get the energy! Regardless, highly recommended!!!!!



Strong made, not cheap. Comes with lots of accessories. Would recommend to a friend.


Marilyn Ash

Worked great... I love that it has adjustable speed... great for on the go



Kit includes everything needed for quality grooming.


Sondra Hopson

I like the ease of movement. Thinking of ordering another one just as a back up


Its me

Easy to use would recommend for beginners. Starting to do nails.


Gabriela A Arroyo

This file is amazing! All the bits work perfectly and I also like the brush duster that was included! Definitely recommend this product!


Sylvia A.

Definitely This Ejiubas drill is very good!! It comes packed nicely brings extras and even has a 1year warranty!! It blows this one over all the other ones!!! Definitely recommend!!!


Mel Mandy

Amazing value and quality! Look at everything you get! Cant wait to use this and do new poly gel manicures!



This is a good little e-file. Tt's definitely a beginner level file, and that's perfect for things like cuticle care and gel polish remove all. I haven't tried it with acrylic.

The bits fit smoothly, there's no vibration, and the overall device is lightweight and easy to hold without doing that numbing thing to your fingers.



love this product. i have used it many times since i bought it


Tara Surles(Lightbourne)

Such an easy to use wonderful product . all the goodies included made it icing on the cake


mildred pulley

I love this electric nail file, it fits my hand very well and makes doing nails very easy. Tje multiple speeds is wonderful, it can be used for many different applications (shaping finger and toe nails) natural and artificial. Removing calleous and ridges is extremely easy and quick. This file is a very nice product and can be used for home and for profesionals .


Shirley Murillo

Realmente este un drill especial para quienes estamos empezando con la dry manicure, pequeño, liviano y fácil de manejar, puedes graduar la velocidad y la dirección de la punta.



Easy to use with great speed options!
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