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Tungsten Carbide Diamond Ceramic Nail Drill Bits Set ECBASKET 7Pcs Nails File Bit 3/32  for Acrylic Gel Nails Cuticle Manicure Pedicure

Tungsten Carbide Diamond Ceramic Nail Drill Bits Set ECBASKET 7Pcs Nails File Bit 3/32 for Acrylic Gel Nails Cuticle Manicure Pedicure Item NO: ECG-DMT-04

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Tungsten Carbide Diamond Ceramic Nail Drill Bits Set ECBASKET 7Pcs Nails File Bit 3/32  for Acrylic Gel Nails Cuticle Manicure Pedicure
  • About the product
  • ★Professional Nail Drill Bits Set: The nail drill bits set comes with tungsten carbide drill bits 3pcs & diamond ceramic drill bits 3pcs & Brush bit 1pcs so you could reshape,polish,smoothen,grind,sharpen,carve and neaten the gel nails or acrylic nails easily and quickly.Great nail tools for any professional manicurist or nail art beginner.
  • ★3pcs Tungsten Carbide Drill Bits: Nice nail tools to accomplish varied professional nail jobs,such as carving, engraving, grinding, routing, sharpening, sanding, polishing and so on, suitable for both natural nails and artificial nails.Tungsten carbide material is not only antirust but also could protect from overheating damage with heat resistanc.
  • ★3pcs Diamond Ceramic Drill Bits: The drill bits is slender to a capped point which are convenient to use & skin-protective & great for nail filing enhancements.Meanwhile diamond ceramic drill bits are made of low heat dissipation material so you would not get a tendency of heating up when you keep polishing o
Product Name Tungsten Carbide Diamond Ceramic Nail Drill Bits Set ECBASKET 7Pcs Nails File Bit 3/32 for Acrylic Gel Nails Cuticle Manicure Pedicure
Item NO ECG-DMT-04
Weight 0.0800 kg = 0.1764 lb = 2.8219 oz
Category Nail Tools
Creation time 2019-05-06

Product description

ECBASKET 7PCS Tungsten Carbide Diamond Ceramic Nail Drill Bits Set

Professional Nail Drill Tools for Manicure & Pedicure
★ Quick & effective nail preparation and dead skin removal
★ 3/32" shank size & suitable for most standard size nail drill
★ Sturdy & Durable & Heat Resistant carbide & diamond ceramic material for long term use
★ Used to cut the cuticle or the nail sides or to remove dirt underneath the nail for general nail care
★ Nice gift idea for your friends,children,wife,mother and so on who love nail art and want to creat their own nail art.

The drill bit set includes 7PCS nail dirll bits which can do the following nail job: 
# Smoothen nail edges.
# Carve deep underneath the nail.
# Grind nails or trim the cuticle.
# Sharpen extra thick or rough nails.
# Stimulate nail growth;remove dead skin.
# Polish and reshape gel and acrylic nails.
# Clean & neaten the cuticle or the underside of the nail.
# The Brush bit can clean the bits and clean grinding dust of nail surface after polishing.
# The Tungsten Carbide Safety bit is round on the top which is safety to do the removal work.

★Tungsten Carbide Coarse barrel & Medium barrel & fine barrel bits can be used for back-fill cutting, shortening and shaping the nails, making a nail smile line.
★Ceramic Cone Bits can be used for removing cuticle and extra glues under the nail or sidewalls and are nice for be used on top of the toenails because of its slim shape.
★Diamond Fine Grit Drill bits: one of them is slender to a capped point and could be used for under-nail cleaning & product shaping & backfills.one of them is round ball shape and could be used for repairing unsightly bubbles in enhancements.


Bec Spencer

I was kinda skeptical when I bought this. Having been thru quite a few drills I had little faith this would be any better ... Boy was I wrong. It’s lightweight. The drill wand is light and easy to handle. Very minimum vibration when filing .Nice and quiet. For once I ha e a drill that does not bog down on me and the bits are a breeze to change. Love anything from EC Basket.. will definitely be buying from them again.


Denise Burbage

First off, they’re pretty! They are much more effective than the bits that came with my efile. It’s shortening the time I’m spending filing my nails.


Helen A Cruz

Really love the color and safety


Belkis Quezada

Buen producto



I'm a newbie but have to say I'm impressed! And Shipping was Super Fast!


Marlem Garcia

I use them for myself & they worked out great. the safety bit is by far my favorite



nice quality



 Absolutely amazing and will definitely be recommending amongst my classmates and fellow technicians. This cut my work time immensely


Beaching Nails

I am loving this rechargeable nail drill. It’s portable and easy to use. It’s durable,portable,rechargeable and light weight
I highly recommend this nail drill.


Courtney Stemple

All these bits work incredibly well. The coarse bits are perfect for smoothing down acrylics, the ball bit is great for cuticles and smoothing down the nail folds. The brush shines my nails beautifully! Highly recommend these bits for any nail drill. And they are very pretty too!



I'll be honest, I got these for the colors but was pleased to see that they work better than the bits that came with my e-file. I love these ones!



Great drill to have. Has light up indicator for speed control and battery meter lightweight handpiece isnt heavy. Fits all drill bits . a must have!!!!



I love these and I love that they have a safety bit in here as well, will purchase again



 I I am super IMPRESSED with the purchase.
My current drill bits are slowly seem to be dulling. So I figured it was time for a new set.
I especially needed a safety bit as I am slowly learning learning and getting better at nails.
I was almost hesitant to purchase these because the price is so low. But I am actually impressed with this this purchase. I figured well if they're not as nice as I hope, I can always return them. But to my surprise they are all very well made. They are super sturdy and almost heavy feeling. You can tell there quality in them.
I ESPECIALLY especially like how the coarser bits have the letter up top to easily identify each one. The case itself seems to be in good quality as well. It doesn't seem like fragile as if it falls once it'll break or anything anything.

I included a video where I'm using the safety bit. You can see where I ran it against my own skin several different times and two different speeds and it didn't kinck, cut or burn on my skin.
The cuticle bit is actually alot more coarse than what I was expecting. Which is cool cause one run against the cuticle and u can already see a difference. I am slowly teaching my niece to do her own nails and these are all essential for any stage of doing nails. I plan on purchasing her - her own set of these since her birthday is just right around the corner. I will be pleased and comfortable knowing she is using quality bits and has access to her own safety bit. The only problem is have is I'm upset that I did not purchase this set sooner. It really is a good quality set.


Brian & Kim Estevez

These work amazing! Definitely impressed!


Sonya leonard






Amazon Customer

Came just as the photo it’s perfect


Jessica D

I love these bets they work perfectly


Lisa Rich

My daughter is a professional nail technician and does my nails for me regularly. We LOVE that the coarse carbide barrel bit is a safety bit! This is a MUST for the safety of clients, since this bit could cause a lot of damage if it was NOT a safety bit like the one in this set. We also loved that the cuticle bit is super gentle and causes no pain at all, it does an incredible job and you can't even feel it when it is being used on your cuticles. This drill bit set is super high quality and I would definitely recommend it to everyone!
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